Creating content to market your business feels like a full-time job (and you already have one of those).

Cut your content time in half — and turn ONE idea into FIVE

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You know you need to reach more people. You’ve heard you should be creating social media, emails, and blogs. But after a long day working with clients or managing your business, you’re just… not in the mood.

Plus, if you’re “not a writer” or don’t love using social media, it can feel like pulling teeth to share the amazing work you do inside your biz.

I’ll be honest: I struggled with this exact same thing. I wanted to grow my business. Hell, I needed to grow my business! I knew that I had to market it more, share our awesome services and more about our expertise.

But coming up with content ideas day in and day out was just exhausting.

The good news is: You don’t have to do what I did and try to come up with a thousand new ideas. In my upcoming masterclass, I’ll show exactly how I got off the content creation hamster wheel, created better content, and actually grew our audience online (and in-studio).

Purchase replay for $19

This free masterclass is hosted by me (Christa Gurka, owner of Pilates in the Grove) LIVE!


Together, you and I (and a group of other healthcare and wellness pros) will talk about content — how to strategically pick content that helps you grow and how to make more of it.

This is JUST for healthcare, fitness and wellness pros who are ready to market their business, but don’t want to create a bajillion pieces of content every week. (we are offering replays for $19!)

Plus, you'll see us answer real-time questions about your content strategy, and anything related to creation or sharing that you’ve struggled with.

During this 1-hour masterclass, we’ll cover…

  • Content strategy
  • The key to content sharing success
  • How to repurpose ONE idea into FIVE pieces of content

You’ll get insight into how I’ve created a content system for both my own personal brand and my studio in Miami. I’ll make sure you leave feeling better about how to share your message without all the overwhelm. PLUS bring all of your own questions and get them answered when you attend LIVE! 

Get more eyes on your business, with the best content

This masterclass is hosted by Christa Gurka, physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and CEO of Pilates in the Grove. Over the last decade, Christa has turned Pilates in the Grove into a multi-million dollar business and knows a thing or two about how to market your business without feeling crushed under all the content you have to create.

Ready to finally create content that gets more people interested in your business?


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