What’s really keeping you from running the successful business you dream of?

If you are a physical therapist, pilates or yoga instructor, massage therapist or other fitness pro, this is your chance to say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion and insecurity and say hello to creating more reach, having more impact and generating more profit in your pocket!


Feeling confused and overwhelmed?

Not seeing the results you want in your business? Feeling like you are hustling 16-hour days with little to show for it except stress and overwhelm? Wondering where is all that freedom you thought you would have when you started your own business?

Girl - I get it and I am here to help. I am here to support you...to get you to hone the entrepreneurial skills living inside you and create the business and LIFE that you dream of.

Does this sound like you...

Your growth is stagnant?

You know you can help so many people you just have no idea how to get those people to know about you?

When you finally do reach those people they aren’t buying from you?

You want to have a strategy to attract new clients and then sell to them but you don’t know how?

The idea of selling your services and asking for money scares you to death?


I know these feelings too.. because once upon a time I was exactly like you. Once upon a time I was hustling and grinding my way to the finish line because someone told me “Work Hard”

But now I call BS on that. 

The problem really is simple…

You are a kick-ass professional. You can probably name every muscle in the body, look at someone’s posture and analyze why they have pain, or help someone regain the lifestyle they long for through mindful movement or manual therapy.. BUT if you want to really grow your business and impact more people, there are other things you need to focus on. Things no PT school or Pilates certification teaches you. 

Things like Marketing, Messaging, Sales, Accounting, Team Building and Leadership. 

This is where Live.Learn.Lead can help. 


There are two sides to every goal:

Running a business is HARD. You have to be brave and resilient and curious and humble and tenacious and patient all at the same to make it work, right?

You know you have skills that will help people. You know you have what it takes to do the work and help people move better, feel better and live better. And no one is telling you to STOP doing that because let’s be honest, that is where you shine and is what feeds your soul...

You are not alone... I have been exactly where you are. I carried all the weight of the business on my shoulders for many years juggling work and home life and feeling like I was failing on both ends. I hired people who did not align with my values. I opened up my hours to accommodate clients who didn’t appreciate it or said yes to working at times that I hated. I lowered my prices and allowed clients and even some staff members to come between me and my vision. 

Now it is time to stop putting your dreams and goals and visions on the back burner. 

And I know I can help you get there… I can unleash the confidence it takes to build your biz on your terms, set boundaries, create systems and then watch your dreams grow and bloom into exactly what you envisioned.


Now imagine:

Dozens of new inquiries each month that lead to customers that actually buy. 

A full schedule filled with your ideal customers.

Engaged followers on social media generating more interest in you and your services.

A community that is seeking out your knowledge and expertise.

Better systems that lead to generating new business and revenue while you sleep.

Automations and Boundaries that result in the freedom you were looking for when you started your business (no more replying to emails or creating content at midnight).

A business that is so automated you can take that extended vacation without losing money.

Sound impossible? It’s not. I can teach you exactly what is missing from your business that will lead to the success YOU want. 

Now for the best part of the program….

Running a business can feel like a lonely uphill climb right? It is not often you get the opportunity to share ideas with other business owners. 

I mean, who else understands the decisions and risks you take as a business owner and more importantly as a female business owner better than fellow female business owners!

So the best part of the Live.Learn.Lead program is our tribe of big-hearted women who are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Join the dozens of female achievers that are here to offer support, guidance, encouragement, feedback and most importantly, accountability. Take advantage of the opportunity to be surrounded by other women who have big ideas, who know how to make things happen, who are ready to do the work, have more impact and generate more profit.

Let's Talk Topics

In order to get to everything you dream of in your business, you have to know where you want to end up to make the choices that are right for you now.

You have to understand who your ideal customer is and then how to get in front of that ideal customer. You have to know how to sell your services and what it will take to turn a profit. 

The LLL program is the program that will provide the structure you need in your business, the freedom you desire in your life and the opportunity to have more impact and  live out your mission.  

Normally this program sells for $2000 but I'm giving you access to it for free when you join the Beyond the Movement Membership Group

  • One Free Pre-Recorded training per month {$1200 value}
  • Minimum of One Group Coaching Call per month with Christa and/or Steve {$4800 value}
  • Free Access to LIVE.LEARN.LEAD program {$2000 value}
  • 20% discounts on individual coaching calls + additional course offerings
  • Complimentary Access to the PITG On Demand Video Library and Physical Therapy and Pilates Movement Tutorials {$400 value}
  • TWO 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls annually (one every 6 months)  for Annual memberships {$400 value}
  • FOUR 1:1 coaching calls per year for Inner Circle Option memberships {$1,000 value}
  • Private FB group + Private Slack Channel for Annual and Inner Circle Option memberships


Join Beyond the Movement

"WINS! I just did my end of the month for October, and realized that I saw 37 patients over the month, whereas I saw 34 in September. BUT I WAS ON VACATION FOR 2 WEEKS! So you know what I did — I paid myself for my vacation time (I wasn’t planning on doing that). It feels risky but one of my recent values I’ve been focusing on is taking risks — and believing that something BIG is happening! I feel for the first time like the clinic has momentum, and that I’m not pulling at strings. It feels so good! "

HUGE Win! August was my BEST month since opening less than three years ago!!! What?! I’m sure in big part to your help and what I’ve learned from your course so thank you so much!

I’ll be making almost 8k this month. It is my most successful month so far and I almost couldn’t believe it. I feel gratitude for all of my awesome clients and my ability to support my family. I also feel fulfillment as I’m reaching some of the goals I set forth in our program with Christa. We’re checking off so many boxes! Our success is inevitable!

I just booked my 5th new eval for this week! WHAT?? That is crazy! I am a little speechless at the moment. I have literally been on the phone and booking people all day. I guess all my efforts at marketing are starting to pay off.

The one thing I have learned growing my company over the last 10 years and by speaking with hundreds of business owners across dozens of different industries is this: 

No two businesses are the same.

And more importantly, no two business owners are the same. 

That means that you should create the business that you want. The business that fits your life and your goals.

The big question now is ARE YOU IN?


If you feel like you’ve got the fundamentals handled, require something more tailor-fit to your needs, or are just simply eager to get from point A to B faster, then I’ve got 5 more additional offers and packages for you!


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