Is your Marketing on the Mark?

Marketing can be a hard task to master and an even harder skill to measure. That’s because comprehensive knowledge in marketing doesn’t always equate to effective application. 

You might know “who” your audiences are, but have no idea “how” to reach and engage them. Especially NOW.

You might have mastered content creation, but not know the correct platforms to utilize or the frequency required to optimize your content. 

You might be doing everything manually to near technical perfection, but still aren’t sure how to automate systems and delegate tasks.

This self-assessment will let you know how you stack up. Are you:

  1. The “Marketing Novice”, the marketer who’s still dipping their toes in the water, but dreams of someday conquering the high seas.
  2. The “Junior Marketer”, the marketer who’s acquainted with the basics and armed with a handful of go-to strategies, but still hungry to keep improving. 
  3. The “Pro Marketer”, the marketer who’s capable of implementing strategies with awesome conversion rates, now primed and ready to take it to the next level.

Curious to see where you rank?





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