You started your business to help people feel and move better.

But there’s more to running a business than working with clients…

and you want some guidance

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What is a “P&L”?

How am I supposed to know how much you’ll make or owe this month?

Should I pay yourself yet?

Is there an easier way to book clients or schedule sessions?

How many clients do I need to see to break even or turn a profit?


These are questions every health, fitness or wellness pro asks themselves at some point — and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. From scheduling software to patient/client documentation, income and expenses, pricing, and more, there is so much that goes into starting and running a successful business.

If you’re starting to wonder if you might just need a business school degree to run your business…


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This free, pre-recorded video training will help you understand the basic metrics, operations, and finances you need to confidently grow and run your business. Don’t worry — we’ll cover only what you need to know, and explain it in ways that actually make sense (no accountant talk).

Plus, you'll see us answer real-time questions about your operations, finances, and anything that’s been confusing or overwhelming to you.

During this 1-hour masterclass, we’ll cover: 


  • Your business operations, including:
    • Metrics and analytics
    • Process documentation
    • Inputs, outputs, and bottlenecks
    • Software and platforms
  • Your business finances, including:
    • Understanding your P&L
    • Financial projections
    • Budgeting and forecasting
    • Paying yourself!

You’ll get insight into all those questions you’ve been afraid to Google — from a real business owner and her Chief Operations and Finance Officer who work in YOUR industry.

Get back to biz basics. Watch the masterclass!

We’ll be your Business Basics guides

This masterclass is hosted by Christa Gurka, physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and owner of Pilates in the Grove — and Steve Moore, COO and CFO for Pilates in the Grove. Over the last decade, Christa has turned Pilates in the Grove into a multi million dollar business and having Steve join the company in 2018 allowed for more growth, fewer bottlenecks, improved efficiency, and increased profits. 


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