To call the last several weeks unprecedented would be an understatement.

Our businesses and our lives have been turned upside down. The flood of information can be overwhelming and confusing. I want to help you and your business with real-time solutions, guidance and support during this crisis.


Video Tutorials for Clients

Clients (or staff) having a hard time adjusting to new technology? Enjoy these video tutorials on how to download the zoom app, how to register for virtual classes, how to purchase a package and even how to stream zoom onto a TV for a nicer experience.


Virtual Assistance -  Zoom Best Practices

Most of you have stepped up to the plate and taken your business online. Kudos to you and your teams for doing the work. Here are some helpful hints we have integrated with our virtual platform that may help you streamline your offerings as well.


Financial Resources

The constant barrage of information regarding federal funding, unemployment, and economic relief is overwhelming. We have put together a few resources we found the most helpful and links where you can apply for grants and additional funding.


If you are like the thousands of small business owners around the world feeling confused and overwhelmed know that you are not alone.

Are you filled with worry about the rapid decrease in cash flow, what to do about your staff, if your clients will return, and how to juggle your family responsibilities on top of everything else?

I know those worries too. I share them with you.

Will our business close?  

Who has the time to sit on calls and webinars when I have to help my kids with schoolwork now?

I am worried I am missing out on valuable information that could save my business.

Stay Calm! You can sit back, relax and leave it all to us.

My team and I have put together a complete package with all the necessary resources to keep you up and running for the next month! We want you to focus on what really matters now, your family and your sanity!

Webinar Replays and Slide Decks

Everything you need to know about financials, going virtual and priming the pump for re-opening your business. These videos are chock full of information including Q&A’s with marketing, operations and financial professionals.

Swipe Copy and Document Bundle

No time (or creativity) to keep up with all the communication you need to deliver to your customer base? Unsure how to reach out to your landlords to request abatements for deferments? Get access to the dozens of emails we have sent to our database regarding this outbreak. The bundle includes emails to customers, landlords, financial institutions all done for you.

Social Media Templates and Copy

People are all over social media now...and you should be too. Take advantage of these done for you editable templates and copy for your instagram and facebook posts. Now more than ever you should be getting your name and brand out there with educating and engaging content.

Consent Forms and Client Communications

Do you have the proper protection and liability for all of the new services you are offering? We got you covered here too. Access this bundle of editable consent and release forms for your online and virtual programming.



Most of us had two options when closures started happening...Back Down or Step Up. We hope you chose the latter but getting to understand the technology behind your online business is not easy! From video and audio to the lighting technicalities your online business needs, there is a lot to learn. And learn we have. Now we want to help you get set up for success by taking the uncomfortable work off your plate.

We have perfected getting our studio online with pre-recorded content and LIVE streaming classes and can save you time and money getting yourself set up  so you focus on hassle-free teaching!

  • Build out everything for you from front end to back end!
  • One time setup and ongoing maintenance/management

Your members want continued social interaction. Live streaming classes can help you do that and we can help you make that happen. For a one time fee of $497 we will get your entire virtual platform set up and operational and let you sit back and prepare to do what it is you love most: TEACH.


With kids at home and the struggle to immediately understand everything, we know some people you don’t have the time or capacity to get online and teach right now. We have a solution for that too. We want to help you continue to bring in money while offering value to your loyal clients with this offer! Even if you don’t have the time to actually do the work.

Let your clients get the feeling of a community connection again with access to our full schedule of LIVE streaming classes and to our pre-recorded content! They get to continue with their wellness routine from the comfort of their homes and benefit from our already built out and successful virtual program. Our team of highly skilled instructors and physical therapists leads a variety of LIVE classes each week with careful and thought out class designs. 

And in return, you get additional revenue coming in to your business while spending extra time with your loved ones.

Complete email campaign and social media promotional kit.

50% revenue share for every client purchase.

The ability to offer your clients something during this time of uncertainty.


  • Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Graphic Design and Audio/Video Editing & Transcription
  • Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Email Management and Admin Work
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