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Get the support you need to start, systematize, or scale your fitness or wellness business without sacrificing any more of your personal life.



Transforming the boutique fitness & wellness industry, one female business owner at a time.


If you’re a female fitness boutique owner or wellness entrepreneur who’s ready to get out of surviving mode – and into thriving mode – you’re in the right place.


Pilates Studio Owners • Yoga Studio Owners • Barre Studio Owners • Cash-Based Physical Therapists

Whether you’re just starting out or 10 years into your business journey, I’m ready to help you reach your goals.

Business Coaching and Step-By-Step Frameworks for Experienced Fit Biz Studio & Clinic Owners


4-10 years in business


You have built strong foundation for your fitness & wellness business and need long-term strategies, processes, and plans that puts more money in the bank and more freedom in your lifestyle.



Get Set for Long-term Success

Business Coaching for Female Fit Biz Owners Looking to Systemize 

1-3 years in business


You’re ready to get your fitness & wellness business off the ground the right way, but aren’t sure which steps to take.




Scale Up

Business Coaching & Resources for New Professionals and Start-up Fitness & Wellness Businesses


0-1 year in business


You’re ready to step into the fitness & wellness business world and are wondering, ‘Ok…so how the hell do I get started?



Get Started

Want some real talk about the ins and outs of running a fitness & wellness business?


I’m Christa Gurka. Accidental entrepreneur, founder, and CEO. Business mentor and coach. Straight shooter.

Here’s how working with me is different:

1. I still own, operate and see clients at my Pilates + cash based PT studios. I do what you do everyday, so I know exactly where you’re at (and where you’ve been) and how you feel.

2. I have an amazing team of experts. I will call on my vast network to help you in your unique journey.


Don’t miss out on exclusive insider tips from someone who knows what they’re doing in the fitness & wellness industry.


Get insider tips from someone who’s been there, done that, and learned the right way to scale a fitness & wellness business. Get inspiration, motivation, and actionable steps you can take to grow a sustainable business while living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and reclaiming your freedom.


Resources to Help Your Fit Biz Grow

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