Hiring the right talent starts with good leadership. How does yours measure up?

This FREE team building audio course will show you how to attract and retain the best talent by becoming a better leader — because the secret isn’t knowing how to get as many butts in the seat as possible…it’s knowing how to lead from the inside out so people want to stick around.



You don’t need to build an army to grow your studio or practice. You just need a solid team, whether that’s 5 people or 15. Building a good team is the cornerstone of every successful business, but it all starts with YOU, the business owner, creating a healthy culture for that team to grow.

For many of us fit biz owners, we’d rather do anything but look at our numbers. I know I was that way — I started my Pilates studio because I wanted to help people feel better, not because I wanted to sit behind a desk all day crunching numbers.

But I quickly realized that without crunching those numbers, there’d be no business, period.

You can’t find the right people if you don’t know what you want — and you’ll never be able to retain them if you don’t know how to lead them well.

You need to understand the basics: Are you priced right? Are you spending too much? Should you introduce another offer to drive more revenue? Stuff like that.


I asked all these questions myself and had to find the answers myself. Instead of making you graduate from the School of Hard Knocks like me, I’ve compiled all my best podcast episodes on all things finance for your fit biz.

After a decade of experience leading a team that’s now grown to over 15 people, I can tell you that getting the secret to all this lies in leadership — not in candidate certifications, qualifications, or people skills (though those are important). As the business owner, you are THE single pillar holding everything together.


And to keep it all from falling apart, you need to know how to be a better leader, both in hiring and in managing your team.

In this audio course, you’ll learn:

3 Must-Haves to Attracting And Retaining Top Talent For Your 6-Figure Business
How to Know if You’re Leading Your Team or If It’s Leading You
How a COO Can Improve Your Business with Joshua Mendez
The 5 Dysfunctions of Your Team and What You Can Do About It
How to Becoming a Better Leader
The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make When Hiring
How to Properly Promote and Onboard a Studio or Clinic Manager with Kelly

If you’re looking to recruit the right talent, this audio course can help you work out all the rough patches so you know exactly who you need to hire and how to onboard them to success.

And if you’re looking to keep the right talent, this course will show you how to effectively steer the ship so your employees have the opportunity to do their jobs well.

Listen to these lessons on the go, while you’re on your way to the studio, while you’re at the grocery store, or when you’re getting some exercise in. This is a fast, easy, and enjoyable way to learn all the marketing need-to-know as a fit biz owner!