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Episode 003: #FemaleFridays with Lencola Green

Welcome to #FemaleFridays on the Female emPowered Podcast! Every Friday I have the opportunity to talk with fellow female professionals about their careers and challenges they’ve faced along the way. In our latest episode I talk to Lencola Green, Pilates Master Trainer and Movement Specialist in the Bay Area. 

Meet Lencola, creator of Black to Pilates

Lencola has been in the business for over 16 years, and recently, she launched a teacher training program online called Black to Pilates. Through Black to Pilates, Lencola aims to increase diversity in the Pilates community, upping the number of Black instructors from the hundreds to the thousands.  


In addition to teacher training, Lencola offers group Pilates classes, private and semi-private sessions, and coaching in postpartum recovery. She specializes in core training, strengthening, and conditioning, as well as injury prevention and gymnastic strength training. In her spare time, Lencola enjoys hiking, dancing, playing the guitar, and nurturing her family.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:15] Removing barriers to entry for all aspiring instructors
  • [07:00] Improving diversity by looking at advertising and individual culture in communities 
  • [09:15] How Lencola started doing Pilates and became an instructor
  • [11:15] About Lencola’s comprehensive training program
  • [13:00] Learning about the business side of being an instructor or running a studio
  • [18:45] Increasing diversity in health and wellness workspaces


Follow Lencola on Instagram at @californiapilates and on her website, where you can learn more about her and her teacher training courses.


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