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Episode 006: Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Welcome back to another episode! Are you using email marketing to its best abilities?? Email marketing can seem complex but it doesn't have to be. It’s one of THE best forms of communication you can have with  your customers. Why? Because you OWN that platform!

From list building to copywriting to analytics, there’s always something new to learn and improve. BUT...we cannot let this keep us paralyzed from getting started. Action creates clarity. So let’s talk about how to take action on this!

In this episode we are talking about...

1. Tips for writing subject lines (In my 30-Day Marketing Bootcamp we go over 40 top subject lines that boost engagement and opens!)

2. How and why to keep your emails to a certain length 

3. Basic guidelines to follow for email format

4. How to always put the reader first

5. How to sell benefits, not features

6. Why your copy should be skimmable

7. The best times to send emails

8. How to be authentic and consistent

If you are listening to this episode LIVE when it gets released, January 26, 2021, there is still time to join this cohort of the 30 day Marketing Bootcamp by going here.  If you are listening later than that I hope you will get on the waitlist so you will be first to get notified when the next program begins!

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