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Episode 007: Female Fridays with Jennifer Hutton

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week! For our latest #FemaleFridays chat on the Female emPowered Podcast, I talked to Jennifer Hutton, a pediatric physical therapist based in Nashville. Jennifer is also the founder of Building Allyship, a community of healthcare professionals who are looking to be better allies for their BIPOC peers.

The birth of Building Allyship

When the world “woke up” to social justice issues in 2020, as Jennifer put it, she noticed that many healthcare professionals were overwhelmed and confused as to what they should do next. They were bombarded with books to read, podcasts or speakers to listen to, or actions to take. Jennifer thought, “What can I do to help? How can I take diversity and inclusion to a deeper level?”


Her first step was to host a webinar on anti-racism and allyship that was created for rehab and movement professionals. When people asked her for more resources, she realized that a community could make a positive impact on all groups of people. A safe but challenging space for people to grow, but also a space for marginalized people to speak out.


“I want to create a community for those who are looking to be better, but I also want to uplift those that I know need their voice to be heard,” said Jennifer. “So I was able to marry the two and create Building Allyship.” 


Building Allyship opened its doors in September 2020. The experience and the positive response from members who have been able to apply what they’ve learned in real life has been phenomenal. 


“Creating this community was the right thing to do,” said Jennifer. “It’s been great for them, but I didn’t realize how much hope they’ve given me. To know that there are humans out there who will be fighting for people who look like me.”

Education, family, and community

I was really excited to talk to Jennifer about Building Allyship because, as a member myself, I’ve learned so much about being a good ally and continuing my own anti-racism work. Tune in to this episode to hear all about Building Allyship, but also a lot of other great topics, like Jennifer’s work as a pediatric physical therapist, her experiences going to all white and all Black schools as a child, and implicit biases. 


And if you can’t wait to join Building Allyship, doors are opening again on January 31st! You can join the waitlist here from the link on Jennifer’s Instagram. Spaces are limited, so sign up now! 


In this episode we discuss:

  • Jennifer’s journey to becoming a pediatric physical therapist 
  • How Jennifer comes up with creative ways for helping and treating her kids
  • The story behind Building Allyship and who the membership community serves
  • What Jennifer learned through family and education while growing up
  • Her experiences with unconscious (and conscious) biases with adults in school
  • White saviorism and how white people can genuinely help others as allies
  • Microaggressions, making mistakes, and when to apologize 


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