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Episode 04: 8 Tips to Design a Marketing Strategic Plan

Welcome back to another episode! Imagine this...you’ve just finished conceptualizing your ideal brand using the perfect business model, you’re ready to start offering the most innovative products or services in the market, you’ve got the best team behind your back, AND you have a fiery passion to become the most successful  entrepreneur in the country.

What could go wrong, right?! 

In this episode I’m sharing tips that  I use to help clients and business owners design their marketing strategy without spending thousands of dollars

These 8 marketing lessons are specifically for healthcare and wellness business owners to remember when drafting a marketing strategy or managing your marketing team to get them to stay on task to understand your brand, mission and audience. If you don’t think you need a marketing plan, I encourage you to think again! You NEED a plan and a strategy for how you will get the right people in the door. 


We go in depth about:

1. Selling people what they want and giving them what they need

2. You need to market the “getting back on the golf course” and not your “manual therapy”

3. Don’t just focus on getting customers, but building a strong community

4. The idea of entertain, educate, entertain, educate, entertain, educate, then sell

5. How to get clients to know, like and trust you

6. There’s no one size fits all strategy

7. Respond and recognize every comment and message

8. Don’t compare your year 1 with someone else’s year 10

Plus, I’m sharing 6 ways you can improve your marketing  without spending any money at all. 

Don’t get me wrong, marketing can be an overwhelming hurdle to tackle for most business owners, but it is absolutely essential if you want people to know about your business AND then BUY from you.


If you are interested in getting your marketing on the mark for 2021 and beyond I invite you to join the 30 Day Marketing Bootcamp! Learn how to go from no idea, to no problem and create a solid and effective marketing strategy for your unique business all in 30 days! To learn more visit www.christagurka.com/bootcamp

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