The CEO Summit 2023

Join our summit for women-owned, boutique health & wellness businesses happening in Miami FL Nov 8-9. Only 20 seats available so get on the waitlist NOW

The CEO Summit
Miami, FL

Join our 2-day summit for women-owned, boutique health & wellness businesses
November 8-9, 2023

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You've done the hard work and started your boutique health or wellness business. BUT sometimes it feels like you are holding on for dear life behind a bullet train that is speeding out of control. There’s been no time to learn how you can strategically and intentionally grow your business with the right strategies that work specifically for health and wellness businesses. 

You know there has to be a smarter, better way to run the show — because you’re constantly doing too much and it seems like there’s only more to do. Even if you have a team.


Let's deep-dive into your business, with coaches at your side to help you make the most of what you’ve built.

Your clients or patients come to you because they know they need someone to hold them accountable, to show them how to do something better, or to get that extra kick in the pants they need to challenge themselves.

The same goes for you with your business.

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You’re working day-in-and-day-out IN your business, but not so much ON your business — and the same goes for your team. The result? You’re running out of daylight and can’t seem to find the time to do things like:

  • Manage and support your team
  • Update systems or overhaul old ones
  • Create content (ugh, social media)
  • Set up a good retention strategy
  • Hire and onboard the right people to expand your biz

Who has time to eat lunch, let alone think about hiring, dancing on TikTok, or talking to that instructor about being late for the 12th time? It feels like it’s NOT YOU.


That’s why I’m hosting this CEO Summit

To create the dedicated space to work ON your business, with health and wellness pros who understand your challenges, triumphs, and concerns.

Originally, I was going to only host this for my Inner Circle members (who will be able to attend for FREE + get a private VIP day), but I know that this is a retreat I would’ve needed before I could join a program like this. So, I’ve opened it to the public because I just know how much it can help. 

This 2-day retreat, hosted in sunny Palm Beach Florida, is perfect for: 

  • Yoga and Pilates instructors who have a studio (or 2 or 3)
  • Physical therapists who are running cash based clinics
  • Gym and fitness studio owners trying to scale and streamline operations
  • Any female healthcare, wellness, or fitness provider who wants to stop working 24/7 IN her business, and find time to work ON it.
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At the CEO Summit, though, we’ll have experts coaching you in a small group setting (and no bad coffee or soggy salads at lunch — you have our word!). We’ll be digging into:

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This is your opportunity to find dedicated time, support, and community

In a beautiful place, surrounded by other women who are right where you are in business — and who are ready to get shit done, too.

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I hope you’ll join us! Please send me an email at if you have questions — or you can DM me at @christagurka on Instagram.



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Have questions about the CEO Summit?


Let’s chat so you can ask your questions, get more details, and see if this intensive is the right fit for you and your business goals.

Don’t worry — this is a NO PRESSURE chat. If it’s not a good time for you or the intensive isn’t the right fit, I’ll tell you! No strings attached. Let’s chat:

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