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The Different Levels of Business Growth

The Different Levels of Business Growth & What to Expect

The name of the game in business is to, well, make more money. 

Sure, owning a fitness business can give you financial freedom, and flexibility, and satisfy a deeper longing to make an impact on the world around you. But if you don’t have money coming in, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. 

But surprisingly, too much money can be a bad thing, like Biggie Smalls once said. But that’s only if you don’t have the right foundation in place to sustain that growth.

At each new level of your business, there’s a new challenge to work through. And the further along you get, the bigger your team grows and the more you offer, the more important having a sound infrastructure becomes. 

It’s kind of like living in an apartment. 

You’re not going to be in a studio forever. You find a partner, and then get a dog, and eventually outgrow it. Then you move to a one or...

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A Fork in the Road: Do You Grow Your Fit Biz or Do You Cut Back?

A Fork in the Road: Do You Grow Your Fit Biz or Do You Cut Back?

If you are growing a boutique fitness or wellness business, you will inevitably reach a point where things are happening quickly. New clients are coming in, there’s a ton of classes or appointments scheduled each day, you’re managing new employees or contractors… or trying to do it all yourself.

Things are moving too quickly — and you’re reaching a point where you can’t do it all anymore. You have to have a “Come to Jesus” moment with yourself: Is this what you really want? Do you want to create a business that is bigger than you? OR is it time to cut back so you’re not burning out?

First thing you should know: this is not a bad place to be. Technically, it just means that you’ve grown as much as possible in the space provided, so something has to change. You, as a business owner, have a decision to make; you can either grow your business by going all in, or...

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How to Achieve More by Doing Less

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2022

How to Achieve More By Doing Less

Is “busy” different from “productive”? Short answer? Yes. And the difference between these two terms is not only important, but crucial to understand for the health of your business! Busy vs productive work could mean the difference between burnout and success. When you overwhelm yourself with tasks or try to do everything by yourself (because you might think only you can do it), you’re actually hurting yourself and what you are trying to build with your business. 

The hard truth is that we all only have 24 hours in a day, and if you don’t learn how to manage those hours for success not only in your business life, but also in your personal life, you won’t be happy with the outcome. Luckily, I interviewed someone recently who I think you’ll be excited to learn from.

Meet Genevieve Pepin 

Genevieve Pepin is an accredited life coach, certified mindset specialist, productivity and leadership...

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Can Employees Become Managers?

Can Employees Become Managers? How to Hire From Within

Let’s be honest, hiring right now is hard. Every day the Great Resignation gets more real, and workers find better opportunities with more pay, and more flexibility! I know personally that it’s hit fitness, wellness, and hospitality especially hard. In 2022 alone Forbes reported that 1.7 million people quit their healthcare jobs. Those are scary numbers, but there may be a way to still find that perfect person for a higher role in your business — someone closer to home! 

I want to show you what it’s like to hire from within, and what to be aware of if you’re trying to turn an employee into a manager.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Montgomery joined my business, Pilates in the Grove, in September of 2019. Kelly’s journey from physical therapist into the world of Pilates started with a Google search — and Pilates in the Grove was the first result (yay SEO!). She accepted a staff position and began...

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Diversifying Your Business Income Sources

Diversifying Your Business Income Sources

After the pandemic started in 2020, most health and wellness businesses depending on a single revenue stream felt the effects big-time. While this was an unprecedented situation, it does show us something important: Putting all your eggs in one (income) basket just won’t ever help us feel secure.

No matter how incredible your services or products are, unexpected circumstances (hello COVID-19) can jeopardize your business’s ability to flourish. 

To create a business that is sustainable for the long haul, you’ve got to have multiple streams of revenue coming in. Let’s walk through the importance of having more than one revenue source and four new ways you can diversify your business. 



From Consistent to Sustainable

Many of us, myself included, go into business with one service in mind. Especially for brick and mortar businesses with a physical location, once we find a consistent and fruitful...

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Leveling up Your Leadership Skills

leadership skills Mar 16, 2022

Leveling Up from Service Provider to Leader

If you plan to grow your fitness or wellness business even a little, transitioning from the main service provider to the person leading your company and team is an essential move you’ve got to make. 

As long-time Generals Electric CEO Jack Welch once said: “Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.” 


If you are looking to transition from a service provider into the leader you need to be to grow and scale your business, I am going to walk you through the 5 required skills you need to push past this threshold.  

Why You Need Different Skills

There is an entirely different skillset that’s required to manage and lead people, compared to the skills it takes to provide services to your customers. Many entrepreneurs, myself included, don’t naturally step into leadership because we are the founders of...

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Overcome Overthinking as a Biz Owner

overcome overthinking Feb 16, 2022

Turn Overthinking on Its Head

Overthinking doesn't sound so bad on the surface. Thinking is a good thing, right?

But here’s the truth: Overthinking can cause serious problems for you personally and in your business. It leaves you with cloudy judgment, high stress levels, and stuck inside your own mind, unable to move forward. 

Does this sound like you? If so, you are not alone. Overthinking can quickly create a “mental hell” in your mind – like a mental game of whack-a-mole – ruminating over the “what ifs” and “why did I’s” in your head.

As a chronic overthinker myself, I had to put a stop to the nights laying in bed, stuck ruminating over my own thoughts. It was time to turn overthinking on its head and use this struggle as a strength. 


If you’re resonating with this, read on to discover the framework I’ve learned over the last few years to reframe your thoughts, regain control of your...

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Why an Expensive Marketing Strategy Won’t Work for Your Wellness Business

Why an Expensive Marketing Strategy Won’t Work for Your Wellness Business

Marketing: that big, intimidating mountain that all business owners inevitably need to climb. Business-owners in the health and wellness industry are experts in their field, and yet, marketing can be an ENTIRELY different animal. So how do you wrestle with this part of your business if you aren’t 100% sure what it entails? 

What marketing ISN’T

The key to understanding marketing is to first understand what marketing is NOT. Marketing is not: 

  • Throwing up a random Facebook ad without a proper tracking system (like Pixel).

  • Generating a mass amount of ads without a clear strategy, goal, or call to action.

  • Selling OR sales! (At least, not all the time.) Marketing and sales are related but mutually exclusive. Marketing gets your customers in the door, and your sales strategy is what gets them to purchase. 
  • A bandaid for a poorly systemized business. Marketing won’t fix a...
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A Special Female Friday Flashback with My Sister: Darcy Smith!

female feature friday Dec 15, 2021

A Special Female Friday Flashback with My Sister:  Darcy Smith!

Think of some of the ladies that inspire you in your life. Some are probably not in health and wellness, but they are CEOs in their own right—right? 

This includes lovely ladies like my own sister, Darcy Smith! I had the pleasure of bringing her on to Female emPOWERED to share her own unique experience. I didn’t choose her just out of nepotism, either: she is legitimately one of the most inspiring women I know.

While she may not fit the “typical” criteria for previous guests I have had with a health or wellness business, Darcy has one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs on the planet. Darcy is the CEO of her home as a stay-at-home mother of 11 (yes, 11!) beautiful children. 

She never imagined she would be married with a housefull! This is her story and how she manages to “get it all done.”

Unexpecting Beginnings: Darcy’s Story

Darcy and I are four years...

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The 7 Steps to Creating Business Processes

The 7 Steps to Creating Business Processes

Are the systems in your business working for you, or are you constantly on call to keep them running? If it’s the latter, it’s time to make the switch — because systems should work for you.

Your business runs on its systems, even when you don’t know it. Every task — from content marketing, bookkeeping, and more — requires a unique sequence of people, tools, and time, which culminate in a feedback loop. In theory, that final process should all work together to keep you on track and in your zone of genius.

You probably have your own business system in place already, but if you don’t (or at least, don’t have a SPECIFIC system in place), then now is the time to start. Read on to see how you can create more structure, time, and freedom in your life in 7 simple steps!

Why does process matter so much?

Your process — and the systems you use to uphold your process — ultimately defines how...

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