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Episode 009: Female Fridays with Felicia Alexander

Episode 009: Female Fridays with Felicia Alexander

Happy Friday! My newest #FemaleFridays guest on the Female emPowered Podcast is Felicia Alexander, co-founder of Los Angeles-based fitness boxing concept called BoxUnion. Felicia also became one of my closest friends after we met in a mastermind, so I was really excited to catch up with her and share our discussion with you all on the podcast!

From brick-and-mortar studios to digital platform

Live Good, Feel Good

Neither Felicia nor her business partner came from a fitness background when they created BoxUnion together, but they were both avid consumers of and passionate about fitness. Boxing is traditionally seen as an intimidating, even violent, solo sport. Based on their own experiences with fitness classes, they wanted to create something totally new for boxing.


Take the dimly lit room of a spin class, give everyone their own individual boxing bag, and set movement to music. What you get is the unique experience that is BoxUnion: individuals boxing in a group setting, feeding off each others’ energy and the music.


Because BoxUnion is all about that energy and group setting, what was it like when the coronavirus pandemic hit? How did BoxUnion adapt? They moved online mid-March and are still unsure of when they can open again. However, they began teaching classes online right away, and were blown away by the positive feedback from class attendees. 


BoxUnion’s organic following exploded. To keep up with demand, they brainstormed different rhythm-based online classes to offer and began focusing on their digital platform, which launched in mid-April. From there, BoxUnion Digital has continued to grow week by week.  


“A lot of our customers have been coming to us because of boxing, but then staying because there’s so much more for them to do on the platform,” said Felicia. “Today we have about 60% of the people on BoxUnion Digital haven’t actually been to a BoxUnion studio before.” 


In this episode we discuss:

  • How Felicia and her partner came up with the concept of “boxing to the beat”
  • Finding a niche in the fitness industry and coming from a corporate background 
  • The ins and outs of how coaches and music at BoxUnion works 
  • How BoxUnion dealt with and adapted to COVID-19 since March 2020
  • Felicia’s vision for the future of BoxUnion


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