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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 011: Female Fridays with Justine Calderwood

Episode 011: Female Fridays with Justine Calderwood

Are you ready for another #FemaleFridays chat? My latest guest on the Female emPOWERED Podcast is Justine Calderwood, a women’s health physical therapist and certified birth healing specialist based in Colorado. Through her private practice called The Healing Spot, Justine helps mainly pregnant and postpartum moms, but also women who deal with chronic pain.


Justine and I discuss how she got into pelvic health, how she went into private practice, and how she helps her patients in person and online, thanks to COVID-19.

Providing quality care in person and online

Live Good, Feel Good

After a frustrating experience with her previous employer, where she felt she couldn’t nurture and spend enough quality time with her patience, Justine knew she had to leave. She went into a cash-based, out-of-network private practice, where she knew she could give people the care and time they deserved.


That level of care hasn’t been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, though services may look a little bit different right now. Justine still sees patients one-on-one, and she does offer telehealth services, which she looked into once the pandemic hit. Justine’s also gotten more into online business, offering self-care, healing, and pelvic health courses for people to seek help on their own.


“I like to be creative in that way, and it also gives people who still want some help, but maybe they’re not ready to jump into private one-on-one sessions,” said Justine. “It gives them another option.”

In this episode, Justine and I discuss:

  • How Justine’s career and education evolved to include pelvic floor health and the mind-body component
  • Going into private practice to provide the quality of care she wanted 
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Justine’s practice
  • What the future looks like for Justine’s career and practice, post-pandemic


Check out The Healing Spot on Instagram at @healingspotpt and visit the website, too!

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