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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 119: Female Fridays with
Sarah Dupree

Episode 119: Female Fridays with Sarah Dupree

Happy Friday, Female emPOWERED listeners! My #FemaleFriday guest this week is Sarah Dupree, a commercial photographer based in Southern California. 


Sarah started her career in the advertising industry 17 years ago working for large agencies, but ultimately found herself in the marketing world as a commercial and brand photographer. 


Advertising to freelance photography 

After the birth of her first son, Sarah began to do freelance work in the photography space and never looked back. Sarah has done photoshoots with corporations like Boot Barn, Juicy, Cupcake Winery, and a number of highly influential entrepreneurs and small businesses. She’s developed a wide range of expertise in commercial photography, brand photography, lifestyle photography, and product photography.


Tune in as we discuss how to brand yourself online and the best strategies for utilizing social media in your business without it taking over your entire life. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • Intro to Sarah 
  • Importance of social media for business owners 
  • Setting goals for your online presence 
  • Demographics of various platforms & how to utilize them
  • Ways to use Pinterest for your business
  • Creating and staying on brand
  • Standing out to align with like-minded clients
  • Community over competition
  • Why you should invest in branded photography 
  • [33:00] Preparing for a branded photoshoot
  • [36:41] What makes a great photography client vs. not great client
  • [40:45] How to be more relaxed during shoots


Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahd.photos. To learn more about her photography services and offers, head over to https://www.sarahdphotos.com/ .


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