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Episode 012: Pricing and Profit

Welcome back to another edition of Female emPOWERED! Today I have my COO and CFO, Steve joining me today. Steve has been a big part of Pilates in the Grove growth over the last few years and today we’re talking all about profits, processes and financials. 


Let’s talk about…

  • Steve’s background, his journey and how we started working together
  • How a solopreneur can get a hold of their financials, their metrics and measurables
  • The biggest challenges with our industry in general when it comes to financials
  • The numbers we NEED to know in our businesses
  • What Steve has helped with in my business since 2018
  • The key metrics in health and wellness brands that people would understand to help them get a better understanding of their business
  • Steve’s recommendations for where to start with financial and how to get comfortable with them

Interested in learning more from Steve? We’re holding a Profit and Process Masterclass all about the basics including metrics, operations and finances you need to confidently grow your business! In this masterclass you will learn how to create processes in your business to streamline and make it more effective which ultimately should lead to greater profit in your pocket.


Hear from Steve all about operations and finance in your business, including:

  • How to grow your business to the point where you have a COO and CFO
  • Process documentation
  • What metrics and analytics to watch and how to track them
  • Software and platforms specific to fitness health and wellness industry
  • How to build your own financial projection
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • How to make sure you're paying yourself


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