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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 013: Female Fridays with Theresa Pride

Episode 013: Female Fridays with Theresa Pride

Time for another #FemaleFridays chat to end the week! In my latest episode, I got to speak with Theresa Pride, physical therapist and Pilates instructor. Theresa is also the CEO and founder of Pride Physique, a Pilates studio based in Atlanta that went virtual during the start of the pandemic in 2020.


Providing quality care in person and online

With a background in dance, a Doctor of Physical Therapy from USC, and years of experience as a Pilates instructor, Theresa opened Pride Physique in Atlanta in 2017. Through Pride Physique, Theresa offers Pilates classes infused with her knowledge and education as a physical therapist. She also offers life wellness coaching services, and aims to introduce other wellness services via her studio in the future.


It was really fun talking to Theresa about making the switch from Pilates classes in a brick-and-mortar location to a virtual space. On top of that, Theresa had her second child while in quarantine—congratulations!—so balancing work, child care, and family was quite a different experience. But Theresa took it all in stride. 


“The true test of being an entrepreneur is kind of thinking on your feet and trying to figure out what to do next,” she said.


In this episode, Theresa and I talked about her career and background, her future plans for her studio, and more, so tune it and give it a listen!


In this episode we discuss:

  • [00:50] Theresa’s thoughts on the future of Pride Physique, virtual and in person
  • [03:30] How Theresa began teaching Pilates and got into physical therapy
  • [07:00] What it was like helping clients pivot from in person classes and services to virtual
  • [11:30] Balancing work, child care, and family duties at home while in quarantine
  • [14:20] Where you can find more information about Pride Physique’s classes and what you can expect when you sign up


Check out Pride Physique on Instagram at @pridephysique and on Facebook!


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