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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 131:
#FemaleFounders with Elva Li

Episode 131:
with Elva Li

Happy Tuesday, Female emPOWERED listeners! My Female Founders guest this week is Elva Li, a luxury branding coach, creative director, and speaker who helps her clients create a luxury brand so they can attract high-end clients, increase their influence, impact, and income. 


Growing up in Shanghai, she moved to Melbourne and founded the Elva Li Luxury Branding and Lifestyle Studio after a successful corporate career left her feeling like she had more to give. We dive into how you can define luxury for your own business and the impact your branding has on the clients you attract. 

Power of Luxury

Elva has 10 years of experience in business advisory, coaching, and brand styling. She combines her creative flair with her business savviness to help visionary female coaches and founders feel confident online, onboard high-end clients, and become the most iconic version of themselves. She believes in the power of beauty and, by helping women become the best versions of themselves, they can create a soul-aligned luxury brand.


Listen in to this episode to learn how you can create a brand that attracts the clients you dream to work with, and embody a brand that aligns with who you are at your core. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • Elva’s background and experience 
  • Defining luxury for yourself 
  • Growing up in Shanghai 
  • Transitioning into a different culture 
  • What she does to help female business owners 
  • Mindset and money blocks women struggle with
  • Types of clients she works with  
  • Process of branding a client’s business from logos to colors and everything in between
  • How your branding impacts the clients you want to attract
  • The importance of having a brand book
  • Developing your own personal brand 
  • Aligning her messaging with who she was and how that impacted her business’s growth


Follow Elva @elvali.luxurybrandingqueen and be sure to head over to Elva’s website to check out her incredible luxury branding services for your business.

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