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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 021: Female Fridays with Krystyna Holland

Episode 015: Female Fridays with Kerry McGinn

Happy Friday, everyone! This week on the Female emPOWERED podcast, my #FemaleFridays guest was Dr. Krystyna Holland, owner of Inclusive Care LLC in Denver, Colorado. Inclusive Care is a private physical therapy practice that specializes in treating people across the gender identity spectrum who experience incontinence, painful sex, or persistent chronic pain. 

Inclusive, individualized, collaborative care

Live Good, Feel Good

Painful sex. Chronic pain. Incontinence, whether it’s postpartum, menopausal, or at any stage in your life. 


These are some of the issues Krystyna treats through pelvic health physical therapy services at Inclusive Care. But as the name of her practice suggests, Inclusive Care also prioritizes individualized, collaborative, non-fear based private care regardless of a patient’s position on the gender identity spectrum. 


As we discussed in this episode, the healthcare space can breed a negative power dynamic between physicians and patients. It’s not okay when patients feel unheard, shamed, or uncomfortable talking about their bodies. We need better quality care for everyone that prioritizes better dialogue, customized care, collaboration with other providers, and collaboration between patient and provider. That’s part of why Krystyna started Inclusive Care in early 2019.


Krystyna and I discuss a lot of other fascinating topics, such as how she became a healthcare provider, the effect of the patriarchy on medicine, and her experiences as a business owner. Tune into the episode to listen to our chat!


In this episode we discuss:

  • [01:00] How Krystyna got into pelvic health and what she specializes in through her private physical therapy practice
  • [06:15] How patients dealing with painful sex often find Inclusive Care for treatment
  • [09:00] Reframing the care-seeking mindset and how incontinence can affect health later down the road
  • [12:00] Why we need better conversations and better listening between patients and physicians
  • [14:40] How the patriarchy breeds a negative power dynamic in medicine 
  • [18:15] Krystyna’s experience launching Inclusive Care, pricing structures and packaging, and building health equity into her practice 
  • [25:45] What made Krystyna go into business for herself (and how adrenaline junkies in Colorado influenced her decision)
  • [30:00] Collaborative care and why it’s better for patients as well as providers
  • [33:30] What surprised Krystyna when she became a business owner, financial success, and setting expectations
  • [45:30] Where you can find and contact Krystyna + rapid-fire question time


Follow Krystyna on Instagram at @krystyna.holland and check out the Inclusive Care website!


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