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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 29: Female Fridays with Aimee Coppola

Episode 29: Female Fridays with Aimee Coppola

It’s everyone’s favorite day! Female emPOWERED listeners, I’m so excited to share the latest #FemaleFridays chat with you. My guest this week was Aimee Coppola, a Team Beachbody® coach based in South Florida. Fun fact: Aimee and I connected professionally through Pilates in the Grove before we realized that our kids went to school together!


Rediscovering self-confidence in the fitness space

Aimee went through a difficult time years ago, experiencing divorce as well as bankruptcy...all during the recession in 2008. It was a “perfect storm” of financial trouble, uncertainty, and job loss, as Aimee put it. She then went into accounting and worked as a successful accounting manager for years, but it wasn’t really her passion. Aimee found that fitness was.


“I loved being in the fitness space,” said Aimee. “I also grew up cheerleading, so I loved the motivation and great feelings that you feel when you’re engaged in something like that. And that had been missing from my life for such a long time.”


Aimee first discovered Team Beachbody® as a customer in January 2012, but soon after became a coach. She loved that she was able to have a positive impact on other people, provide for her family, and gain back her physical health and self-confidence.


We talk about personal development and its impact on happiness, the power of thought and language, and much more. Aimee and I have a lot of great mini-discussions on psychology and fitness in this episode, so tune in to hear it all!


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:45] Aimee’s career and personal life before entering the fitness space
  • [06:30] How Aimee discovered Beachbody and how it changed her as a person
  • [17:00] How the need for control can affect our career choices, habits, lifestyle decisions and more
  • [22:15] The importance of personal development and happiness, plus Aimee’s biggest influences on her own personal development
  • [29:30] How language and thoughts affect our behavior (and how understanding that relationship can help professionals work with clients, and parents with kids)
  • [38:00] Building a successful business in pockets of time 


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