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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 31: Female Fridays with Lex Lancaster

Episode 31: Female Fridays with Lex Lancaster

Time for another #FemaleFridays chat! This week on the Female emPOWERED podcast, I spoke to Lex Lancaster, also known as Lex Brunelle OR Alexis Brunelle. Lex is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, owner of a website design company, and co-owner of a performance physical therapy practice in New England. You might say she’s a “triple threat,” which is exactly what I called her in this episode! 


A digital superhero for health and wellness professionals

You may find Lex online or get to know her under one of her aliases. As she explains on her website, Lex Lancaster is her superhero maiden name—it really is the perfect name for a comic book hero, right?—and Alexis Brunelle is her new name. But however you find Lex, her services and story are the same.


A self-taught “computer geek” who loved learning about tech stuff, from using DSLR cameras to building websites, Lex never intended to turn her interests and skills into a business. However, she discovered that health and wellness professionals needed help launching basic websites seamlessly, without breaking their budget. While in physical therapy school, Lex originally launched her digital business in 2018 under her maiden name. 


Through her business, she was able to serve a niche that combined her education, passion, and experience. Rather than give up physical therapy for web design or vice versa, Lex decided to do it all. Her business has grown into what it is today, and she loves what she does and who she serves. Offering a variety of services in different industries fits her personality, too.  


“Right now I’m a pediatric PT, an ortho PT, a virtual assistant, a website designer...I also teach at Utica College,” said Lex. “I dabble in a lot of things and I always have.” 


Lex and I talked about how she launched her business, common website mistakes and tips for good design, picking the best website platform for you, and much more. Tune in to the episode to hear it all!


In this episode we discuss:

  • [04:15] What it’s like owning and operating a physical therapy practice with her husband
  • [06:30] How Lex got into working as a virtual assistant while in grad school, and how her creative brain helps her treat clients better
  • [10:45] Lex’s interest in design and tech, and how it helped her fulfill a need through her business
  • [13:30] The importance of having an online presence, plus common mistakes movements professionals make with their websites
  • [19:00] Lex’s tips for designing a website that meets customer needs without overwhelming the reader
  • [26:15] The pros and cons of listing your prices on your website
  • [32:00] Breaking down the benefits and drawbacks of popular website design platforms like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and Kajabi
  • [39:45] Where you can find and contact Lex online


Follow Lex on Instagram at @alexisbrunelle_ and on Twitter at @lexlancaster_!


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