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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 033: Female Fridays with Katie D’Amato

Episode 034: Female Fridays with Katie D’Amato

Let’s kick off the weekend with a new #FemaleFridays chat! My guest this week on the Female emPOWERED podcast is Katie D’Amato, physical therapist, certified yoga instructor, and founder of Balanced by Katie, a mobile therapy and wellness practice in San Diego. Through her practice, Katie offers physical therapy, yoga classes, and strength and conditioning classes to patients in the comfort of their own home.


Balanced by Katie (and Coaching with Christa)

Backtrack to ten years ago, when Katie was in school for physical therapy and one of her assignments was to design her own business. Katie dreamed of running a practice where she spent half the day in a clinic and the other half offering aquatic therapy to patients.


“I wanted to do physical therapy outside,” said Katie. She also wanted to provide more personalized care for her patients in an environment where they felt comfortable, where they could thrive.


After moving from the East Coast to San Diego, where she could practice physical therapy outside, Katie found herself in a clinic most of the time, which just wasn’t for her. Enter Balanced by Katie, which launched a little over four years ago. Since then, Katie has expanded the services she offers and has grown her team of employees.


This episode was very special because I got to host a live coaching session with Katie as well! Tune in to hear us talk about health and wellness opportunities in the corporate space, pricing business offers, and creating a niche during the Coaching with Christa segment!


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:30] Why Katie founded a mobile physical therapy practice
  • [05:45] How Balanced by Katie has evolved over the past few years
  • [08:00] Coaching with Christa begins! Attracting patients or clients who align with your business values
  • [10:45] Opportunities for health and wellness in the corporate space and how to tailor your services for companies
  • [15:30] Generating leads with pre-recorded content on YouTube or other online spaces
  • [19:00] How physical therapy and yoga services might play out with young patients involved in club volleyball 
  • [24:30] Setting goals, expanding offerings, and making connections
  • [30:15] Where you can find and contact Katie online


Follow Katie on Instagram at @balancedbykatie and check out the Balanced by Katie Facebook page!


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