Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 039: Female Fridays with Alyssa Stewart

Episode 037: Female Fridays with Dana Dreifus

Who’s ready for another #FemaleFridays chat and Coaching with Christa segment? My guest this week on the Female emPOWERED podcast is Alyssa Stewart, founder and CEO of Empower Physical Therapy. Empower PT offers physical therapy, Pilates, and private training to clients in Tampa, Florida. 


From side hustle to full-time practice 

Before founding Empower PT, Alyssa worked in an outpatient setting for St. Joseph’s hospital. While she loved the people she worked with day-to-day, she wasn’t happy with the time she was given with patients nor their practices with insurance. Alyssa began treating clients on the side and eventually realized she could do this full-time by founding her own cash-based practice. 


Enter Empower PT! Since launching her practice five years ago, Alyssa has grown the business by adding a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and just recently, another physical therapist to the roster. Empower PT is also working on bringing back group fitness classes to the mix.


Tune in to the full episode to learn more about Alyssa and Empower PT, but also our live coaching session! We talk about the importance of confidence when selling your business, framing your offers to clients in the right way, her experience with a mentorship group, and lots more.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:15] What business looks like right now at Empower PT between Pilates, personal training, and physical therapy
  • [05:30] One of the biggest challenges Alyssa faced when growing Empower PT, being in control, and breaking patterns
  • [12:30] Improving Alyssa’s sales strategy for personal training services by reframing the offer and process
  • [19:30] How to focus on selling the value, not dollar amount
  • [30:15] Alyssa’s goals for the next quarter, including getting more clients for Empower PT’s new physical therapist
  • [36:45] The biggest change Alyssa has experienced after joining a mentorship group
  • [39:00] Where you can find and contact Empower PT and Alyssa online


Follow Alyssa on Instagram at @empowerpt.co and check out the Empower PT Facebook page!


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