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Female emPOWERED

A podcast for female fitness & wellness professionals like YOU

Episode 60: Female Fridays with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo

Episode 060: Female Fridays with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo

Happy Friday, Female emPOWERED listeners! My #FemaleFridays guest this week is Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo. Omolara is a life and career strategist who provides Black women with culturally informed strategies and systems to help them reduce burnout and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.


Melanin & Medicine

Omolara followed her childhood dreams of becoming a pediatrician and worked in over 9 countries. After returning, she started to create programs and act as an advocate for Black women, all while continuing to see patients. 


After a startling medical diagnosis in 2019, Omolara had to take a step back from her fast-paced career and instead turn to help other Black women rediscover their purpose and achieve their vision for life, without struggle or sacrifice. Her company, Melanin & Medicine, exists to support Black women physicians seeking life, career, or business coaching to help them live powerfully, pivot into their purpose, profit, and find peace. 


In this episode we discuss:


  • [00:52] How Omolara helps support Black women physicians
  • [02:37] Her journey to founding Melanin & Medicine
  • [04:07] Society’s expectations of Black women
  • [08:30] Relationships we have with money and how that impacts business success
  • [22:00] Omolara’s journey from a pediatrician to now a life and career strategist
  • [25:20] Rediscovering who she was outside of her work/career 
  • [31:00] Research of Black women, telomeres, and chronic autoimmune health issues
  • [33:49] Code switching and reading the room
  • [40:53] Educating young Black girls and racial socialization
  • [47:00] Omolara’s coaching programs and courses she offers


Follow Omolara on Instagram at @melaninmedicinemotherhood and check out her Facebook page! Head over to Omolara’s website to learn more about her various courses and coaching programs, too.


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