Are you a on a mission to help more people move better, feel better and live better?

From creating a physical practice or virtual experience, managing your ongoing education and certifications, to pricing sessions for profit, there’s so much that goes into your business.


You want to support your clients to the best of your abilities and ensure a safe care experience, and I want to help you build a thriving operation that is not only profitable but sustainable.

You want help from people who “get it,” and can get you there faster by saving you time, money and energy!

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As a licensed physical therapist and trained Pilates instructor, I know how important it is to provide exceptional care to my patients and studio guests. Over the years, I’ve committed myself to building the best service I could, while making sure the business (and my team) operated at the highest levels.


Over the last decade, I’ve built a multi-million dollar practice that puts the clients first and is always dedicated to a high level of care. I want the same for you.

Let’s reach your goals for your wellness biz — together!

I know that getting the right patients in the door and making a name for yourself in your specific service niche is so important. Here are a few of my favorite resources that can help you do just that:

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Ready for more 1:1 support for your therapy practice?

I know that the kind of work you do is rooted in always doing what’s best for your clients or patients. Whether you run a physical therapy practice or you’re a social worker, cognitive behavioral therapist, marriage counselor, yoga studio owner etc., you deserve a business that supports YOU and your clients.


But knowing how to get there can be messy — and stressful.

That’s why I created my Beyond the Movement Inner Circle

This program is a high touch mentorship just for female therapy professionals like you, designed to take you beyond the client work (which you’re already great at!) and into the strategy + systems that will help you scale a successful business.

Rather than another course or DIY resource, this mentorship program is designed to be a two-way relationship between me and you (and my entire team of experts), and to connect you with other female entrepreneurs experiencing the same challenges and wins.


I’ll hold “office hours” monthly, and you get real support and execution from a team of experts . The community and live coaching calls are a space where you can come to ask any questions you have, hear what others need help with, and learn directly from me and my team.


This mentorship is perfect for the female therapy practice owner who wants to know how to grow a successful business — without losing sight of their clients or patients in the process.

Is that you? Apply now to join the Inner Circle!


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