Transforming the BOUTIQUE FITNESS & WELLNESS industry one FEMALE business owner at a time. 

No matter whether you are just starting out or 10 years into your business, I want to help you get shit done!

4-10 Years in Business

No matter where you are in starting or growing your business, I want to help.

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1-3 Years in Business

You’re ready to grow but aren’t sure what the next right step is for you.

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Just Starting Out

You’re ready to step into the business world or have just made the leap and are wondering, “Now what?!”

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Are you an expert in your fitness or wellness niche that finds yourself struggling with:

Find your ideal client

Get clear on your content

Understand biz finance basics

Uplevel your operations

Build consistency + stability

"It’s been inspiring to work with Christa who models what I would want for the future of my business, empowering to interact with other women entrepreneurs, and a little overwhelming to realize how much more I could be doing as a business owner."

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in Palm Beach, Florida
on November 3-4, 2022.