Calling all fellow female gym & studio owners...

As you probably know by now… it’s not just about getting your clients fit or booking classes.

Instead, you have to wonder about how to keep a steady stream of people coming in the door, manage employees or team members, deal with payment processing and software…

And that was all before a pandemic.

Running this kind of business isn’t easy — but it’s worth it.

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I started Pilates in the Grove over a decade ago, and have built it into a multi-million dollar business… without a business degree (or any clue what I was doing). I fumbled a lot, and made some mistakes. But most importantly,


I didn’t quit.


Now, I help fellow female fitness professionals and studio owners like you navigate their big business questions and goals. In a language you can actually understand and easily implement into your business. 

Here's how I can help YOU

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Want 1:1 support to scale your studio or gym?

I know that business can feel like a lonely uphill climb, especially when things start growing or the going gets tough. But you are not alone. Other women trying to build their healthcare and wellness business are right where you are — and I’ve been there, too.


The even better news? You can still build a thriving business, support your family, and create a business that fulfills you. You are resourceful, intelligent, and committed — you just need help bringing it all together.

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That’s why I created my Beyond the Movement Inner Circle

This program is a high touch monthly mentorship just for female health and wellness professionals, designed to take you beyond the movement and into the strategy + systems that will help you scale a successful business.

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Rather than another course or DIY resource, this mentorship program is designed to be a two-way relationship between me and you, and to connect you with other female entrepreneurs experiencing the same challenges and wins.

I’ll hold “office hours” every week, where you can come to ask any questions you have, hear what others need help with, and learn directly from me and my team.

This mentorship is perfect for the female gym or studio owner who wants to know how to grow a successful business — without losing sleep, time, money, or natural hair color in the process.

Is that you? Apply now to join the Inner Circle!


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