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Episode 014: What I Learned From Investing Over $60,000 In My Business

Welcome back to another episode of Female emPOWERED! Do you want to know what I learned the hard way when I first started (and then tried to grow) my business? Not all Google advice is good, and not all free strategies apply to your business.

If you're trying to start your own gym, serve physical therapy patients, grow a studio and help people feel better in their bodies... you have a unique kind of business. Generic business advice doesn't always get you where you want to go. That’s why I want to share with you what happened when I finally admitted I needed to trust the experts and invest in my business.

Let’s talk about…

  • The time I spent $5,000 and almost fainted
  • The time I spent even more and knew it was worth it
  • The 3 tiers of every business
  • How to make the investments I made work

I recognize that not everyone can invest $65,000 in their business and you may not be interested in that sort of program or investment. But I do know that what I learned in those programs and investments grew my Pilates and physical therapy business exponentially. As a female movement, healthcare, or wellness professional yourself, I want that same kind of growth for you! That’s why I started the Beyond the Movement Mentorship. You’ll get strategies, systems and the actual support you need to grow a sustainable and successful business. You can learn more here

P.S. If you haven’t listened to the Becoming a Better Leader episode yet, you can listen here.

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