Introducing the Female emPOWERED Podcast!

2021 News: Introducing the Female emPOWERED Podcast!

Here at Christa Gurka Headquarters, I started off the New Year with a bang… By launching the Female emPOWERED podcast!

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What you’ll get from the Female emPOWERED podcast 

In case you’re new to me and what I do, I am an Orthopedic Physical Therapist specializing in Pilates-based rehabilitation. I own, operate, and teach at Pilates in the Grove, which serves the Coconut Grove and South Miami communities with two premier South Florida locations. Our studios set the benchmark in Pilates instruction and physical therapy interventions in our local community.


This podcast is my way of sharing my experiences growing a thriving, multi-million dollar business! I created it for...

  • Females in the healthcare, wellness and fitness industries
  • Business owners or those who are thinking of becoming one
  • Independent contractors and solopreneurs


But what am I talking about? Well, you can expect some REAL talk about REAL life and REAL business. I’m ready to pull back the curtain on the fitness, healthcare, and wellness industry to show you what it takes to start, grow, and streamline a business on YOUR terms.


If you want to get started, definitely tune into my first episode! New episodes on a variety of topics go live every Tuesday!


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Meet real female rockstars in your industry

For over a year now, I have been doing live, recorded video interviews with women who have built their own health, wellness, and movement businesses. Those videos can be found on my Instagram and Facebook, if you’re interested!


I’ll also continue to host those conversations on the Female emPOWERED podcast every Friday, featuring some of my favorite past discussions plus hosting all-new ones! One of my favorite discussions from the past is this one with Allison Tenney, who is my first featured female on the podcast!


Christa Gurka female empowered podcast cover


Have ideas for future podcasts? Want to be a guest? 

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to start this podcast was so I could have more conversations with all of YOU! So if you have an idea for a podcast, I’d love to hear about it. We’ll be talking about marketing, business, self-care, COVID-19, clients, pricing, work/life balance — you name it. If it has anything to do with being a female business owner in the health and wellness industry, I want to hear your topic idea!


Plus, I’m always looking for new guests for the Female Friday episodes! Don’t be shy… email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram!


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