The 7 Steps to Creating Business Processes

Are the systems in your business working for you, or are you constantly on call to keep them running? If it’s the latter, it’s time to make the switch — because systems should work for you.

Your business runs on its systems, even when you don’t know it. Every task — from content marketing, bookkeeping, and more — requires a unique sequence of people, tools, and time, which culminate in a feedback loop. In theory, that final process should all work together to keep you on track and in your zone of genius.

You probably have your own business system in place already, but if you don’t (or at least, don’t have a SPECIFIC system in place), then now is the time to start. Read on to see how you can create more structure, time, and freedom in your life in 7 simple steps!

Why does process matter so much?

Your process — and the systems you use to uphold your process — ultimately defines how your business serves your patients or...

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