Are You Putting All Your Marketing Eggs in the Social Media Basket?

When it comes to marketing your healthcare, wellness, or movement business, you want to get the message out… but don’t have a ton of time to try all the marketing techniques out there.


Usually, this means that you use social media a lot, and that’s great! There is one downside, though: social media changes everyday. Algorithms especially can be your worst enemy when it comes to growing your audience, attracting people you really want to serve, and turning them into booked clients or patients.


In case you’re new to this business thing, social media algorithms are essentially the “system” showing people what they want to see. The algorithms change all the time, which means what works one day might not work the next.


I personally think this is exciting. Right now, the Instagram algorithm prefers Reels content, so I’ve been creating more of those videos lately. I also change up the times and days I go Live to see how that...

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A Conversation on Conversion: What’s Really Going On?

social media tips Mar 12, 2020

Content is king, engagement is queen, but when all is said and done, conversion means more than anything.

To put things simply, without consistent sales, a business ceases to exist.

Underwhelming conversion rates and uncertainties not only affect business owners & entrepreneurs in the healthcare & wellness industry, but professionals & employees as well.

And when you feel like you’re doing everything else right, but still haven’t converted into actual sales, it can be extremely frustrating to say the least. But not knowing why is even worse.

We have a tendency to tell ourselves stories about the possible reasons why: “I’m not good enough”, “They found someone more qualified”, or “I just don’t know how to sell”.

But it’s important to take a look at the crux of the matter and get to the underlying causes that explain why your audiences might not be buying.

So when it comes to conversion (or lack thereof),...

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