Which CEO Tasks Should You Focus?

ceo tasks Nov 16, 2022

Which High-Level Tasks Should You Focus On As a CEO?

If you want to grow your business and truly step into a CEO role, you shouldn’t still be doing day-to-day tasks. 

You know what I’m talking about: making sure the reformers are clean, checking the mail, and answering calls — essentially micromanaging your studio. But it’s not like that’s what you want to be doing. You know it’s time to grow your business, but you’re unsure how to give away some of the lower-level responsibilities to your team. 

Here’s the thing — leaders have to step back so their team can step up. This allows you to focus on those high-level tasks that will move your business forward. 

If you want to get off that hamster wheel and do something that will create real, lasting change in your business, you need to start thinking like a high achiever. So, let’s take a look at four things they do to keep their business not only moving along but...

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