How to Boost SEO for Your Fit Biz

boost seo Jul 11, 2021

You have put a lot of time and energy (and maybe even money) into your website. It’s full of thoughtful content and easy booking options that people should love, but there’s one thing missing: nobody’s finding your site. Does this sound like you? 


We already know that your business is solid, but you need your new customers to know that, too. In order to do that, they have to find you first. To do that, you need a strategy to cut through the crowds and get those internet eyes on you first. You need to boost SEO, but how?


Those three letters are the most exciting — and most frustrating — part of marketing your business. (If you’re totally new to this, SEO means “search engine optimization.”) If you’re new on the scene, or you’ve hit a plateau lately, the thought of trying to hoodwink Google to show your website higher in search can sound intimidating. 


The good news? SEO isn’t just for...

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