Shifting Money Mindset for Success

How you think about money affects sales, salary, spending, and everything in between. It’s super important to understand your relationship with money — and to dig a bit deeper. 


You may have heard scarcity or abundance mindsets, and not been sure which one you have. Or you may assume you have an abundant mindset when that’s not necessarily true. That can keep you stuck.


So I’m going to ask you to dig a bit deeper into what money means to you in this blog, so you can shift yourself to more success in life and business.


If you’d like to watch me talk about money mindset, click here. If you’d like to listen to this episode of Female emPOWERED, click here.


Money mindset mistakes I’ve seen entrepreneurs make

I get a lot of questions about what to charge, how to raise rates, and so on. It’s a normal thing to ask when you’re trying to grow or start your healthcare or wellness business. While that’s...

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