Are You Putting All Your Marketing Eggs in the Social Media Basket?

When it comes to marketing your healthcare, wellness, or movement business, you want to get the message out… but don’t have a ton of time to try all the marketing techniques out there.


Usually, this means that you use social media a lot, and that’s great! There is one downside, though: social media changes everyday. Algorithms especially can be your worst enemy when it comes to growing your audience, attracting people you really want to serve, and turning them into booked clients or patients.


In case you’re new to this business thing, social media algorithms are essentially the “system” showing people what they want to see. The algorithms change all the time, which means what works one day might not work the next.


I personally think this is exciting. Right now, the Instagram algorithm prefers Reels content, so I’ve been creating more of those videos lately. I also change up the times and days I go Live to see how that...

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4 Signs Your Marketing Isn't Working for Your Health & Wellness Brand

marketing tips Sep 04, 2020

As a movement, healthcare, or wellness professional, you may have started your business with a misconception in mind:


If you build it, they will come.


How’s that working out for you? Most times, I talk to female professionals who are struggling to get more people in the door and they don’t know what to do. They’re frustrated because they know their services and skillset are what people need… but people just aren’t coming.


If you can relate to that, this is a sign your marketing isn’t working, and you need to be doing something else. Like actually marketing your business.


Are you actually marketing your services?

 In this recent Facebook Live, I talked about signs that your marketing isn’t working for you. But after I recorded it, I had a lot of people saying they didn’t have a marketing strategy at all — and I totally get that.


I didn’t either, until I had a multi-million dollar...

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4 Health & Wellness Marketing Tips That Cost You Nothing

health marketing tips wellness Aug 21, 2020

As a health or wellness pro, I know that you’re doing your work because you love helping people. You know what’s possible when you are able to serve your clients or customers, and you are great at what you do.


But that doesn’t mean you know how to market your services or your business so you can help more people. Even if you’ve built a business mostly through word of mouth, you do need to know how to market your business to increase leads and turn those into clients served.


What are leads?

In a recent Facebook Live, I talk about how to market your business so you can get more leads. 


But what are leads? Leads are defined as potential clients or customers you’ve attracted who is interested in what you are selling. It just means you have more people showing interest in your services or products. Once you have a lead “on the hook,” you’ll need to sell. But for today, I want to just talk to you about marketing to...

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