How to Cut Down the Cost of Marketing

cost of marketing Jan 26, 2021

Imagine this… you’ve just finished conceptualizing your ideal brand and your healthcare, wellness, or fitness services are all perfectly lined up. Maybe you’ve already booked great clients and you’ve got the best team behind your back. Most businesses start out with a great passion and a ton of excitement — and it feels like nothing can go wrong!


Until it does.


In a recent episode of the Female emPOWERED podcast, I talked a little bit about my biggest business mistake when I first started out: Ignoring my marketing plan. I don’t want you to make the same mistake! That’s why I’m sharing the best marketing advice I know of for a health, wellness, or fitness brand — and 6 ways to start marketing your business without spending a dime.



The top 8 marketing strategies to help you book more clients

After I realized I needed a marketing plan — STAT — I started playing around with a few...

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