How to Create Content When You Don't Know What to Create

create content Oct 20, 2021

When it comes to marketing your business or getting new eyes on your services, content makes the world go round. It gets your voice out there, tells your potential clients or patients what you offer, and helps them get an idea of what it is like to work with you. 

But just because you know that content is important doesn’t mean you know what kind of content you should create. Plus, the more content you create, the more it can feel like you’re always trying to come up with something new. 

There’s good news, though: At least when it comes to social media, today’s algorithm is all about quality, not quantity. Let’s talk about some content ideas to keep your feed consistent, diverse, and engaging. 

Try this weekly calendar for your social media

Rather than starting from scratch on every post, I like to have a basic theme for my post before I start drafting it. Especially if you are just starting out on your social media journey, this free...

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