2020: A Year in Review

goals new year year end Dec 18, 2020

As a business owner, you might usually set goals for the New Year, get all excited about some downtime or time to do admin stuff… and, if you’re like me, do a year-end review. Of course, that was pre-2020. Now, the idea of doing a year-end review might make you want to hide.


Even though 2020 has been hard on my fellow health and wellness businesses, I do think a year-end review is valuable. And here’s why: It helps you make a plan for 2021 — and makes it easy for you to see what did go well, so you feel a bit more confident going into the New Year.


Ready to do a year-in-review? Let’s go.


How to complete your year in review


Ok so here’s how I do my year-in-review with my team and myself. We start by asking:

What did we want to do in the last year? What goals did we set?


Usually, this is revenue goals, but it’s also a number of clients or studio sessions booked, growth into a new studio location, adding new...

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