How Spending $65,000+ Completely Changed My Business

blog business coaching mentorship Nov 18, 2020

Do you want to know what I learned the hard way when I first started (and then tried to grow) my business? Not all Google advice is good, and not all free strategies apply to your business.


If you're trying to start your own gym, serve physical therapy patients, grow a studio and help people feel better in their bodies... you have a unique kind of business. Generic business advice doesn't always get you where you want to go. That’s why I want to share with you what happened when I finally admitted I needed to trust the experts and invest in my business.


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That Time I Spent $5,000 and Almost Fainted

I started my first Pilates studio in 2007, A couple years later, when I opened my second location, we were barely scraping by. My team didn’t have enough clients to really make them feel stable and things were just… tight. Soon after opening that second location, I had an opportunity to take part in a marketing campaign that just sounded fantastic. Billboards, ads, the whole enchilada.


Of course, the only catch was... it cost $5,000. When I learned that, it literally took my breath away. As a business owner, you can probably relate. When things are lean, it can be scary to hear about an investment like that — even when you know it can totally change your business!


What did I decide? To see 5 extra patients a week until I could pay that $5,000. It took me two months, but I did it. And you know what? The marketing campaign launched and I haven’t worried about paying payroll since. It wasn’t necessarily that the campaign was tied to a specific number of clients coming in the door, but suddenly we had brand recognition. People came to us and seemed to recognize our name. People booked sessions more frequently, and many of them stayed. In short, paying an expert to help us get the word out helped.


What does this have to do with YOU? Well… I want you to know that I learned a lesson about investing in my business after investing in the marketing campaign. I wish I had done it sooner — and I could’ve lost my business if I hadn’t made the leap! The brand awareness campaign helped our name so much. 


That Time I Spent Even More and Knew It Was Worth It

A few years later, we were on the cusp of opening a third location. I was ready to grow to the next level, but I quickly realized that my business was just not prepared for even more growth. The infrastructure was not there.


I was super stressed, I was the bottleneck for everything from marketing to schedules to internal operations. I was still working like a solopreneur, to be honest. Not the CEO. Not the leader.


So I admitted that I needed help. I started doing my research, which included reading Traction (highly recommend if you haven’t read this already!). I learned about entrepreneur operating systems, and really dug into how I could use those types of programs to help me grow my business. This led me to another huge investment (this one was $40,000, and yes it was terrifying at first), but I knew it would be worth it. So I figured out how to make the investment work.


Again, I started seeing more clients. I cut back on a few other expenses. And I applied for a grant! All to help make sure my business could afford the investments I knew would help it grow to a whole new level. I dedicated those 8 months to creating a whole new operating system. It helped me add 5 new jobs. It created a better structure, helped me decide which contractors to work with, and now all of us are rowing in the same direction, so to speak.


Since going through this training in 2019, my business grew by 20%. Then, as you know, COVID-19 hit in March 2020 so things contracted a bit there, and that’s OK. Because once things are back up and running, I have what I need to grow again. But instead of keeping all of this information to myself, I took everything I’ve learned from that operations training, that initial marketing campaign, and everything I’ve learned from other masterminds and programs I’ve invested in over the years… and I’m giving it back to you.


Mentoring other movement professionals

I recognize that not everyone can invest $65,000 in their business — and you may not be interested in that sort of program or investment. And that’s OK. But I do know that what I learned in those programs and investments grew my Pilates and physical therapy business exponentially. As a female movement, healthcare, or wellness professional yourself, I want that same kind of growth for you! That’s why I started the Beyond the Movement Mentorship.


This 6-month program is a mentorship designed to help YOU wherever you’re at in business, whether you want to grow your client base, expand your operations, build a team, make more profit, or all of the above. Instead of late night Googling and tons of trial-and-error, you’ll get the support you need to get results and finally see growth (however you define that).


I don’t want you to be like me, waiting years to invest in my growth and in my business. With the mentorship, all you need is two minutes to type your question and get real-time feedback from me and my team — and you shortcut the $65,000+ I’ve spent on learning these things for myself. The investment is not even 5% of that total, which I know makes it much more accessible for new business owners. 


If you own a Pilates studio, a cash-based physical therapy practice, a mental health practice, a nutrition clinic, or any other type of health or wellness business, this may be the mentorship for you. It’s large enough for you to get everything you need, but small enough that you don’t feel lost in the crowd. Take what you need, ask questions specific to you, and get support from a team of experts (nope, it’s not just me! It’s my team!).


This mentorship is designed to walk side-by-side with you so that you can create, run, and lead the business you want to have. The impact we can have when we come together is immeasurable. You can learn more about the Beyond the Movement Mentorship here. Doors may be closed, but join the waitlist if you want to be notified when the doors open again!