Say No to Anxiety: Keep Calm and Take Action

covid19 tips Apr 21, 2020

I hope you and your family are staying healthy and happy at home.


Because of the recent events, I have been hearing a lot of concerns from my clients and other business owners. Many of us are worried about our businesses closing or losing income and status, and your feelings are valid. 


However, we should not let our worries govern us. While it’s true that we can’t control what is happening around us, we can control our reaction to it. 


Anxiety only begets more anxiety. According to mental health experts, we tend to get trapped in false or limited ways of thinking when we are anxious. These thinking patterns can take over our lives by convincing us of impending doom and worsening our sense of helplessness.


But they can be avoided. Here are some ways to prevent your negative thought patterns and help you be productive during these stressful times: 


Control the thoughts that come through your head 💬 

You may think, Oh my business might close. 


That could happen, or not. But that’s the future. Thinking about the future will only lead to more stress and anxiety. 


So what can you do instead? 


Recognize and embrace your thoughts. By doing this, you can control and untangle them, helping you achieve clarity. 


Focus on the present 😌

Instead of delving into negative thoughts, ask yourself: what can you do today that will help your situation? 


Even if your business closes, know that there is something else that you can do. Think about the things that matter most to you and make a list of tasks that can help you be productive at home. 


Some things you can do for your business: 

  • prepare for reopening
  • upload a video per day 
  • think about a course you wanted to launch for the last year
  • connect with someone else who can help you at this time 


Some things you can do at home: 

  • help your kids with school 
  • play or watch their favorite movie with them 
  • organize your closet 
  • take a walk around your neighborhood 


Give yourself some time to do things that you weren’t normally able to do. 


Allow yourself some grace to decide what is important. 🙏


Keep calm and take action. You got this! 

Worrying only leads to unhealthy thinking patterns. By taking control of your thoughts, you can act upon them and achieve clarity. You pave the way to growth by being productive, no matter how small you think the tasks are. 


More importantly, I want you to know this: your self-worth must not come from external things like money or your business. Our value must come from within us.  


Regardless of status and the material things that we own, we are all worthy of love and happiness.  


That’s all for now. I hope my insights help shed some light during these dark times. 

Please stay strong and keep safe at home! 



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