The #1 Way to Convert More Clients Without Selling

Do you struggle to sell your packages or book new clients?


When I talk to female health and wellness pros who struggle with this, my first question is: “Are you having conversations with people?”


So often, we get stuck thinking we have to have a sales conversation or we have to be showing our value to our potential clients or patients.


But I’ll let you in on a secret: Sometimes, you just need to have a real, human conversation.


How conversations lead to conversions

When I talk about converting clients, you might think that you need a fancy marketing plan or that you need to be having free discovery sessions or fit calls. That’s not always true.


Sometimes, customers come to you simply because they like you as a person, and they feel relaxed and comfortable around you. Yes, potential clients or patients want you to be experienced, but they also want to feel like they have a connection to you. Like you're a person they can relate to. 


As female movement professionals, I think we're really good at making those connections. Letting people know we can help them. But we hold back because we don’t want to be “salesy.” So let’s talk about one way that we can overcome that — so we can grow our businesses.


The art of conversation

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m extremely introverted. It can be really hard for me to go and network and try to tell people what I do and how I do it. I don’t enjoy that. However, when I have a chance to converse with people one-on-one, I am happy to tell them what I do. As I’m sure you understand, this usually leads to a conversation about a pain or injury they’re experiencing.


In fact, this happened to me once on an airplane, and we began talking about my seatmate’s back. I let him know that there were a few exercises he could do to help, and also gave him my card in case he was ever in Coconut Grove. 


Guess what? That man has become a repeat customer and has even referred my studio to others. I didn’t sell him anything. I simply made a connection and had a human conversation. While not every random plane conversation will lead to a recurring client, it’s a good practice. We as humans thrive with connection, so make sure you’re connecting!


Human connection sells, too!

If you've been struggling to feel like you can promote your services or you're afraid to tell people what you do for fear of being "salesy," just remember: You can start with being a human first, a business owner second. 


Another trick that works for me? Remember that you’re just talking. You’re having a conversation and you’re not selling anything. Ask questions. Listen. Relate. And yes, let people know what you do. If they bring up something that you may be able to help with, let people know that you care and that you want to help them. If you want to dig into this a bit more, check out this week’s Facebook Live:



My hope is that this encourages you to go out and start a conversation. Social media, email, Zoom, wherever. Just talk to people. It’s not so hard, I promise.


Want to have more conversations… But not sure who you should be talking to?

In my 30-Day Marketing Bootcamp, we create “ideal client avatars” so that you know exactly who you should be starting conversations with online, and how to talk to them. I also help you create email sequences and content that keeps your “new friends” engaged and ready to call you when they need you!



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