Top 4 Tips to Prepare for Reopening

covid19 tips May 04, 2020

Hello, everyone. 


Some states are lifting stay-at-home restrictions so let’s talk about how to prepare for reopening your businesses. Whether it be in a week or a month from now, you need to know which steps to take to help your customers feel safe as they come back to you. 


I’d like to share some practices that we’re currently doing at Pilates in the Grove: 


1. Survey your clients. 📊

 Create a survey on Google Forms or Survey Monkey and tell your clients that you’re looking to reopen. Make sure you ask all the important questions such as, “What do you need to see for you to feel safe as you come back to our business?”. Then, start preparing based on the feedback. 


This is a big factor for us in the health and wellness industry because we have clients and patients who are part of the high-risk demographics, and you may have some of them too. Even if your state reopens, there’s no assurance that your clients will be willing to come back soon. Doing a poll will help you set expectations with your clients.  


2. Write a Policy and Procedure Manual. 📚

 Go to the CDC’s website and check out their guidelines for cleaning and disinfection. Create a cleaning schedule for your establishment and let your crew know what and how to clean your equipment. 


Here at Pilates in the Grove, we will: 

  • Have a two-step cleaning process. 

We will clean our equipment first with a dishwashing soap and water solution and then with an antiviral disinfectant spray that is recommended and approved by the CDC for eliminating SARS-CoV-2. These steps will take place between each and every client as well as several times a day.

  • Put our group classes on hold temporarily.  

We will only have private pilates and physical therapy sessions for weeks 1-2 and open semi-private sessions eventually for people in the same household. There will only be two practitioners at a time for each of our locations.  

  • Provide masks and gloves. 

I prefer handwashing, but if your client prefers using gloves, I suggest you give them a new pair when they arrive as you don’t know what surfaces they have touched with their used gloves. Our staff will also use gloves should the client request it.  Safety first! 

  • Limit exposure as much as possible.  

We will accept online payment and follow our check-in process so our clients won’t have to come and check-in themselves. And any staff member or client who reports fever or is feeling ill will be sent home. 


3. Create a re-opening e-mail sequence. 💌

 Inform your clients about the series of steps that will happen as you open your business. This way, you keep them updated while increasing customer engagement. Possibly create a landing page on your website that will house all of this information and will be easily accessible to clients. 


4. Be prepared to pivot. 💯

 Be open to changes that may occur in the future and keep constant communication with your clients. 


I hope you find these practices helpful. If you have questions, feel free to hit reply and I’ll be happy to walk you through different scenarios to ensure you reopen your business successfully. 


Take care and stay healthy! 


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