When to Hire and Where to Find Them

tips Aug 07, 2020

Hiring, Training, Payroll OH MY!!! 


Hiring can be an unnerving event. There are so many concerns surrounding it: What if they aren’t suitable for the job? What if they can’t meet your expectations? What if cash-flow problems arise by hiring them? 


While all of these fears are valid, they shouldn’t stop you from letting new people into your business. Why? If you’re drowning in a sea of work or if your business has been stuck in a loop for years, it’s time to start hiring others to contribute to your company’s growth. 


Who should you hire and what tasks should you give them? 


Decide on the role then fill the position. 


Before you create a job post, you must define the role of your new employee. Do you need someone to develop your website? To edit your photos for your social media pages? To create Facebook ads? Or do you need a Virtual Assistant who can help you with various administrative tasks? 


After determining what you should hire, then decide who you should hire. I suggest hiring on a project basis and start posting job ads (see the websites below). If you’re looking for a graphic designer, you can give the applicants some specific tasks like creating a new layout for your website or designing your brand logo. Then you can choose the most qualified applicant according to your own criteria. 


If they pass the project assignment and make it onto the next phase, hire them for a one-month trial with a limited workweek and once you see if they can consistently perform up to standard, why not promote them to a full-time position? 


Here are some of the best websites that I recommend if you’re looking to hire remote workers: 


Hire someone before you’re ready. Don’t let your company miss a critical market moment because you don’t have enough staff to launch your project. By letting new team members into your business, you will generate more revenue and take your company to greater heights!  



Growing my team was the best decision I ever made!


See you next time,