Why You’re Not Getting the Right Clients in the Door

Oct 04, 2020

Do you feel like your movement, wellness, or healthcare practice is attracting some clients, but not enough? Or do you wonder why every client/patient who books seems to worry about how much you charge or need something you don’t really do? 


Instead of dreading going to work each day or looking at your empty calendar, let’s talk about a couple reasons why you’re not getting your ideal clients to book.



It’s not always about quantity

When I work with female wellness pros who are trying to build their business, I usually hear them say they’re getting a lot of followers on Instagram or they have a huge list of emails or contacts of people they can reach out to. Those are leads — potentially interested people who want to become your client.


But the thing with having a ton of leads is that it’s not always about quantity. It’s about quality. You want to have good leads coming your way. You want people to hear about you from a friend or a podcast or a Google search and come knocking. You don’t just want a list of a thousand strangers who might not need your services or skills.


Working with the wrong people is not sustainable, and it can totally drag the life out of you. Trying to convert a whole bunch of people who don’t NEED what you offer is a waste of your time. So let’s talk about what to do instead.


Attract the right clients

If you’re feeling like you’re getting leads but have to pull to teeth to get them to book, only to deal with the nightmare session with a client who is totally not the right fit… let’s talk about your ideal client.


  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What do they need?
  • How old are they?
  • What gender are they?
  • What is their lifestyle like?
  • What are they like?
  • What are their problems?
  • How do they find you?
  • Where do they hang out (in real life or online)?
  • What specifically can you help them with?


All of this might seem like overkill if you’re in an industry that everyone can benefit from. I hear this all time: “Well, everyone needs yoga!” or “Everyone should care about nutrition!” That’s true — but who do you want to serve? What is your particular niche and what sort of clients/patients do you want?


Really dig into that and break down who those people are. All of this will help you share the right content on the right platforms and use the right words. Plus, you’ll be able to filter out the lead generation opportunities that don’t work for you. Sorry, but a list of a thousand emails of people in your area isn’t enough! Let’s search for particular age groups or individuals in a certain neighborhood, or by gender! This all gets you one step closer to a list of vetted leads that take a lot less effort to sell and book.


Don’t settle

The big takeaway here? You deserve better clients. You deserve more clients. But to get better and more clients, you have to know what a better client even means for your business. So do the work, see who your ideal client is, and start doing outreach, marketing, and discovery sessions with that in mind. I also cover this ideal client exercise in my 30-Day Marketing Bootcamp, which might have an upcoming session! Just get on the waitlist here and you’ll be the first to know when Bootcamp starts!