Which CEO Tasks Should You Focus?

ceo tasks Nov 16, 2022

If you want to grow your business and truly step into a CEO role, you shouldn’t still be doing day-to-day tasks. 

You know what I’m talking about: making sure the reformers are clean, checking the mail, and answering calls — essentially micromanaging your studio. But it’s not like that’s what you want to be doing. You know it’s time to grow your business, but you’re unsure how to give away some of the lower-level responsibilities to your team. 

Here’s the thing — leaders have to step back so their team can step up. This allows you to focus on those high-level tasks that will move your business forward. 

If you want to get off that hamster wheel and do something that will create real, lasting change in your business, you need to start thinking like a high achiever. So, let’s take a look at four things they do to keep their business not only moving along but on the upward path of growth.  

CEOs have a vision for the future

High achievers aren’t focused on what’s directly in front of them — they’re focused on what the future might hold. 

They shift their focus from daily tasks to projects that can help them down the road, usually in about 18-24 months. They want to know how they can impact the long-term portion of their business, and they instead work by future-pacing their decisions so growth can come sustainably.

CEOs do things only they can do

You won’t find high achievers answering client emails, opening mail, or running to the bank for deposits. They are not working inside their business so much as they are working on it. Sure, every once and a while, you may find them filling in for a class or answering emails when needed, but for the most part, they’re pretty hands-off when it comes to those things. 

The reason being is that you won’t be able to grow if you’re stuck doing those types of tasks every single day, all day. And switching the focus gives you a better foundation on which to build your business — kind of like building a house. 

You can’t have sustainable growth without a good foundation first. You NEED to create a sound business process.

You start out with the first floor, which is built on concrete because it’s solid and it lasts. And when it comes time to build that second story, and then the third and fourth, you have to make sure the first floor is solid enough to support the weight of those additions. Your business is no different.

But you can’t possibly have that if you’re worried about checking inboxes or doing laundry 24/7. You need to carve out time to think about how you will build YOUR foundation for growth. 

CEOs focus on the actual client experience and how it converts

At Pilates in the Grove, and within my Inner Circlewe’re constantly pulling data from client experiences to see how many touchpoints are needed for an acceptable conversion rate (which honestly, is just what we decide is good enough for our biz, this can differ for everyone). 

What I've found is that for every four touchpoints, there’s a 60% conversion rate.

That math and research are what a CEO does. But the actual touchpoints? The sending out of the emails, phone calls, texts, ads, etc., to get us enough data to pull from? That’s NOT what CEOs do. 

You can easily outsource those things or delegate them to your team. Stop worrying about it because it’s not your job anymore. 

Worried about the cost? Start small. You don’t immediately have to hire a marketing team or a manager. You can start by hiring someone to help you clean the studio, or a bookkeeper to help you keep everything in check. 

For the first five years of my business, I took the laundry home every day. It was so time-consuming, and honestly, looking back, I should have delegated that to someone else. Not because I didn’t want to get my hands dirty, but because I wanted to grow but was stuck on HOW to do that. 

Now, we have a washer and dryer in both of our studios, and the staff just comes in and out of the laundry room during the day to ensure it gets done. 

Don’t be like me — use that time instead to do things that are going to move the needle forward in your business. 

CEOs want to become better leaders

High achievers don’t always make the best leaders or managers. Why? Because we’re so focused on keeping things going and so focused on the vision that we, admittedly, tend to leave others behind. 

But the best leaders create other leaders and cross the finish line with them. Visionaries need to work at being leaders like that. You want to treat your employees as well as they treat your clients. 

And yes, I get wanting to have everything done just how you like it (guilty as charged), but you’re just going to have to get over the fact that people are not going to do things exactly the way you would. You have to let that shit go!

Here’s a good example…

I was recently onboarding a new instructor. Part of our onboarding process is for me to come in and watch new instructors teach a class and provide feedback.

This new instructor did a great job, but there were some things I noticed that I maybe would have done differently. However, when the class ended, all the clients were asking when she’d be back and talking about how much they loved her teaching style. 

What did I realize? Sometimes as business owners, we have an ego we need to let go of. We always look at how we can improve things, and we expect others to do the same.

But here’s the thing — most clients don’t care about what you teach as much as they care about their connection with the instructors. They keep coming back because of the people — which have the power to make or break your biz. 

And you need those people to keep things going, but they won’t stay around long if you’re constantly micromanaging them. 

CEOs know when to pass the torch

Of course, this type of change is easier said than done, and I know firsthand how tough it can be to hand off some of your responsibilities to someone else. It takes time to master that (and it’s something I’m still working on myself). 

But you can make the process a little bit easier by ensuring your team has the right training to get those things — like sending out emails and checking in with clients — done. 

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