How to Create Content When You Don't Know What to Create

create content Oct 20, 2021

When it comes to marketing your business or getting new eyes on your services, content makes the world go round. It gets your voice out there, tells your potential clients or patients what you offer, and helps them get an idea of what it is like to work with you. 

But just because you know that content is important doesn’t mean you know what kind of content you should create. Plus, the more content you create, the more it can feel like you’re always trying to come up with something new. 

There’s good news, though: At least when it comes to social media, today’s algorithm is all about quality, not quantity. Let’s talk about some content ideas to keep your feed consistent, diverse, and engaging. 

Try this weekly calendar for your social media

Rather than starting from scratch on every post, I like to have a basic theme for my post before I start drafting it. Especially if you are just starting out on your social media journey, this free rubric may be a great place to start and get those creative juices flowing!


Start the week off strong with a #MondayMotivation post. You can show off a picture of your mid-workout, cooking up a healthy meal, or by sharing your favorite motivational quote. Take a look at some of the various hashtags as well to help find a theme you like, and encourage your followers to #NeverMissAMonday.


There are lots of directions you can take your Tuesdays! You can highlight a glowing #TuesdayTestimonial, either FOR you from a client, or FROM you for a fellow business (which is a great way to cross-promote!)

Give your followers a glimpse of upcoming services with a #TeaserTuesday (especially in the Pilates world!)

Show off our skills and provide a helpful tidbit in a #QuickTipTuesday reel (for example, on a move with a tricky form) 


It’s hump day (woot woot!), which means you’re already halfway there! Here are a few hashtags to bring some mid-week engagement to your feed.

If you are in the Pilates realm, then a #WundaChairWednesday post may be in your future. Show off a fun or difficult move for all of your fans to see.

As a female business owner, #WomanCrushWednesday is a hashtag close to my heart. Shout out another woman (either in or out of your field!) that has inspired you recently. 

When in doubt, tell your followers your passion in the health industry with a #WellnessWednesday story. 


It’s never too late to create a #ThrowBackThursday post! Pull from your archive on Instagram or Facebook for some inspiration. These memories can be from when you first started or even last week. This is a great chance to reflect on your growth and show your audience that anyone can make progress, as long as they are willing to work for it. 


There are so many possibilities for a Friday post! #FemaleFriday is a great option to shout out another female business owner. 

Excited about the weekend? Hint at your big plans with a #WeekendVibes post.

Of course, not every Friday has to be the best day ever. If you’ve had a hard week, you can share that too! Your #FridayFeels may be more relatable than you think. 

Friday is also a great day to get a little silly about this. The occasional #FunkySockFriday post can show off your goofy side, which helps your audience connect with you on a personal level. 


Do you need to post every day of the week? Not necessarily. The current algorithm doesn’t make organic reach as simply as we would like, so bombarding your feed isn’t always a sure way to make sure people see your posts. You can focus on posting three times a week and making each post spectacular, versus just getting something up Monday through Friday. 

With a rubric like the one above, you can also “set it and forget it” by creating these posts in advance. No need to stress the night before!

Repurpose your old content

Have you ever made a phenomenal post and wished you could reuse it across all the social media platforms?

Here’s the secret: YES, you can do this! Not only is this acceptable, but it’s actually a smart business practice. Like I mentioned before, the organic reach of your posts can be limited due to the algorithm. That means a large chunk of your followers may not have actually seen that amazing post you made last week, and your followers on Instagram may not have seen the thoughtful post you put on Facebook. 

Don’t be afraid to repurpose content: it’s not lazy, as long as it’s done well. (If you want to know how to repurpose like a pro, check out my content masterclass for more details!)

Check your calendar for "national" holidays

There is literally a day for everything nowadays. National Coffee Day, National Daughter’s Day, National Take A Nap Day; if you can name it, it probably exists!

For an extra creative boost, check out the upcoming national and international days for a gold mine of post ideas. Put them in your calendar each month to add a little “sparkle” to your posting schedule. Some are silly, some are great activism, and some are just fun reminders. 

Timelapse reels

Want to show off your expertise? One great way is to take a time-lapse video of you teaching or treating a patient (with their permission, of course!), and pairing that video with a trending Reel audio. Not only do you get to show off your fun taste in music, but you give an engaging visual to hook your audience. 

This also has the advantage of showing off one of your greatest assets: your customers. People like to see customers that look like them in your marketing because it assures them that they’ll fit in. 

Your content calendar awaits

We only touched on a few social media ideas here, but these serve as strong founding blocks. From there, you can highlight some of your favorite clients, promote your fellow business owners, or even share a few of the inspirational quotes that have kept you going over the years. 

Creating new content is a great skill to have, and building on that content is an even better talent to bring to your business. If you are looking for ways to repurpose your content in a transformative yet time-saving way, check out my Content Repurposing Masterclass. I’ll show you how to create content and repurpose it so you can turn every piece of content into about 5 others — really!