5 Tips to Optimize the Instagram Profile for Your Business

Apr 17, 2024
Christa Gurka Optimize IG Profile For Business

Do you have an Instagram profile for your studio, gym, or practice? Social media is a vital aspect of your business’s online presence, and Instagram can be a great choice for many fitness entrepreneurs and service providers.

But once you create your Instagram profile, what’s the best way to use it? How can you get the most marketing value out of your posts? What should you do if you aren’t getting the followers or engagement you’re hoping for?

The answer is to optimize your Instagram profile. By making a few changes, you can turn your Instagram profile into a powerful marketing tool for your brick-and-mortar business and find new ways to engage with your audience and advertise to your local community.

Follow these tips to make your business’s Instagram profile more effective.

Instagram tip #1: Offer a sneak peek

One of the things that holds people back from trying a new gym or studio is fear or discomfort. It can be intimidating to think about working out in a place you’ve never been. 

What if you don't like the instructors? What if you don’t fit in with the rest of the clientele? What if the overall vibe just doesn’t appeal to you?

You can use your Instagram profile to assuage those concerns and encourage new clients to try out your business. Give them a glimpse inside! 

  • Do a video walkthrough of the lobby.
  • Show a quick clip of a class.
  • Have your team of instructors/trainers/physical therapists introduce themselves.
  • Offer practical tips to help people prepare for their first class or PT session.

Invite your followers for an inside look at your business. They can see exactly what to expect and feel far more comfortable signing up for a class or scheduling a consultation.

Instagram tip #2: Try new things

There are so many different approaches you can take to posting on Instagram. Some service providers focus mostly on building brand awareness. They might offer useful tips and educational content, all with the goal of getting their name out there and proving that they’re a trustworthy name in their industry.

Then there are other businesses that take a more “sales-y” approach. Their posts might focus on their services or products. Most content might be centered around encouraging people to try a class or sign up for a service.

Both of these strategies (and others) can work well. It all depends on your industry, brand, and target audience. And there’s not a hard and fast rule!

So as you build your Instagram profile, try some different things. Maybe start by focusing on educational content to grow your brand awareness. Then you can try some posts that are conversion-oriented. Watch the metrics and see what works. 

There’s nothing wrong with trying an approach and realizing it’s not the right one. That’s OK. Just cross that one off the list and try something new. As long as you’re willing to test things out, you’ll find the right approach for your target audience.

Instagram tip #3: Entertain your audience

Don’t be afraid to post “fluff” every once in a while. Not all of your Instagram posts need to be super educational or focused on conversion. It’s OK — and beneficial — to just have fun sometimes.

Let your personality show. Pull back the curtain and showcase the people who make your business work. Your audience loves seeing authenticity. 

So hop on a social media trend once in a while (as long as it’s one that aligns with your mission, values, and audience). Post a meme. Show a reel of your pet. Think about how you can entertain your audience while also providing value and showcasing your services.

Instagram tip #4: Show your face

This might be challenging for some of you, but it’s important. In many industries, the business Instagram posts that have the best engagement are the ones that feature the founder or owner of the business. That’s you!

Yes, there’s value in showcasing your offers, your physical space, and your team. But people also want to feel like they are interacting with the person in charge. Here are some options to try:

  • Post educational reels where you’re talking directly to the camera.
  • Show a behind-the-scenes shot of you setting up for a class or session.
  • Post a funny picture of you with a favorite pet.
  • Post a story about your weekend plans.
  • Share your favorite holiday tradition.

Again, you can try various options to see what connects best with your audience. But don’t be afraid to step in front of the camera. Chances are those posts will be some of your top performers.

Instagram tip #5: Use hashtags 

You might see some people say that hashtags don’t work, but they do. And they work best when you use them correctly. Here are some essentials to keep in mind:

  • There’s no definitive proof about whether it’s better to put the hashtags in the post vs. the comments. You can try both and see which one works better for you.
  • Choose your hashtags wisely! And post them in the order of importance. Decide which hashtag matters most to you — if you could only “show up” in one place, where would it be? Once you have your answer, put that hashtag first on the list.
  • Check your hashtags. Sometimes hashtags have a double meaning on Instagram. Using them could land your post with other things you might not want to be associated with (like spam or fetish content). So check the hashtags you’re thinking about using and make sure they’re a good match for your content and audience.

It’s also a good idea to look at the usage numbers for the hashtags you’re considering. If you choose one that isn’t used as often, it could be easier to make your business the go-to resource for that hashtag. Doing that would be harder for a hashtag that has millions of posts (and more competition).

Consistency wins in social media

You don’t have to post on Instagram multiple times a day to see results. If you have the time and energy for that, go ahead. But you can still see results from posting just a few times per week. Consistency is what matters most. 

So think about a posting frequency that you can stick to. Make a strategy following that schedule and using the tips in this post. And then, watch your Instagram analytics so you can see what’s working. Once you know what your audience is looking for, you can create more of that content.

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