8 Ways to Reframe Your Mindset

reframe your mindset Aug 16, 2023

From Stress to Success: How to Reframe Your Mindset

When you think about the challenges you face in your business, what comes to mind? What’s holding you back from success? Is it your pricing? Marketing? Hiring problems? The economy? 

All of those things can absolutely impact your business. But one of the biggest factors in your success is actually your own mindset. When you’re stressed and frustrated, it’s easy to let doubts creep in. And when your mind is focused on your limitations (real or perceived), it’s far more difficult to do the things that help your business succeed.

So let’s go through some of the most common self-limiting beliefs that I see often in new business owners, especially women. Once you’re able to recognize these negative thoughts, you can reframe your mindset to overcome them.

Mindset #1: I don’t know enough.

This is something I hear all the time, especially from entrepreneurs who are just starting out. But most of us didn’t know much when we started out. So I think the real underlying issue is a fear of failure. And I get it — no one likes failing, especially those of us who are perfectionists.

But this mindset isn’t going to help you succeed. So let’s reframe your mindset: 

Every successful business owner started somewhere. The key isn’t knowing everything from the get-go, it’s being willing to learn along the way.

So instead of focusing on what you don’t know, find ways to grow your knowledge. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Get a mentor. Never stop learning. 

Mindset #2: I’m not a natural leader.

Real talk for a minute. This statement is a cop-out. It’s a disguise for the real issue, which is that leadership is hard. It’s hard to run a team, especially when you’re a control freak (👋 ask me how I know). And it’s “safer” to avoid leadership because then no one else can let you down.

But if you want to grow your business, you need a team. Reframe that mindset: 

Leadership is just like any other skill — it’s something you can learn. 

And when you focus on building your leadership skills, you can develop a management style that truly fits your vision, personality, and perspective. 

Mindset #3: I need to do everything myself.

I have people tell me all the time, “It’s just easier to do everything myself.” But is it really, though? Is it really easier to have literally every aspect of your business rely solely on you? Or is it just “easier” because then you don’t have to train people and hold them accountable?

Reframe: Delegating the things outside your expertise gives you the time and energy to focus on the things you do best.

So hire the right people and figure out how to lead them. And then delegate the work and let your team members do their jobs. 

Mindset #4: I need to work hard all the time.

I know — hustle culture is everywhere. But it’s a toxic mindset. Yes, there will be times in your business when you need to put in more hours. But that level of effort isn’t sustainable forever.

So here’s the reframe: Long-term success is built on a healthy work/life balance.

Give yourself time to rest. Time away from the grind renews your energy, motivation, and creativity.

Mindset #5: My team isn’t stepping up.

Is it really that your team members aren’t doing their jobs? Or is it that you’re not ready to handle delegating, managing, and holding your employees accountable? I think most of the time it’s the latter. And if it really is true that your team isn’t stepping up, maybe it’s time to make some changes.

Reframe: Allowing people to grow and contribute strengthens your business.

Put aside your ego, look at your team, and see if there’s someone who’s ready for the next step. Then, give them that agency and responsibility and trust them to manage it well!

Mindset #6: I’m not good at sales.

I hear this most often from instructors and staff members, but occasionally from business owners too. And I think the problem is that they’re too focused on the outcome — on making the sale. Instead, shift the perspective:

Sales is really about building relationships and trust. 

If you’re confident in the services you offer, then you don’t need to think in terms of a sales pitch. You just need to show potential customers exactly how you can help them. Your only job is to articulate the value you offer, and then it’s up to them to decide what to do with it.

Mindset #7: I can’t compete with large, established companies.

No matter what industry you work in, there will always be competition. You can’t expect to just be the only name in town. And really, the competition just proves that there is a market for the services you offer! So reframe your viewpoint:

You can provide something unique that draws people in and makes them choose you over the big studio down the road.

Being a small, specialized business has lots of advantages. You have the flexibility to really own your niche and offer the personal connections that customers are looking for.

Mindset #8: I feel like I’m taking two steps back for every step forward

I really understand this one — I feel this way all the time. And you know why? Because it’s true! This is just the nature of running a business. 

Reframe your mindset: Success takes time — and it’s not linear. Each step (even the ones that feel backward) gives you more knowledge and brings you closer to your goals.

If you feel like you’re constantly moving away from your goals, maybe you need to re-examine your mission and the plan you have to get there.

Mindset influences everything else

Running a business is all about overcoming challenges. And often, the biggest hurdles are self-created — those defeatist perspectives that tell us what we can and can’t do. When those self-limiting beliefs come up, reframe them. That new perspective will be the foundation of success.

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