Marketing Your Boutique Fit Biz in 2024

marketing your boutique fit biz Jan 16, 2024

Top Tips for Marketing Your Boutique Fit Biz in 2024

Do you have a marketing strategy for your fitness business? Have you updated it to reflect the trends that are going to drive our industry this year?

An effective marketing strategy requires you to adapt to the latest trends. That’s how you keep your services and messaging relevant. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to change your core principles or offer completely new classes each year. And you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money in an expensive marketing plan. Instead, focus on understanding your industry and evolving your business to incorporate the aspects that will keep you relevant to your target audience.

Marketing strategy #1: Embrace AI

One of the biggest trends that’s going to impact the fitness world in 2024 is AI. From content creation to personalized fitness plans, artificial intelligence is becoming ubiquitous in every aspect of the fitness industry.

However you personally feel about AI, it’s crucial to embrace it in your business. If you don’t, you’ll get left behind. 

So, how can you leverage AI in your fit biz (and marketing strategy)? Use it to…

  • Create customized fitness programs for clients 
  • Develop nutrition journeys for your clients
  • Set playlists for your classes

Basically, AI makes it possible to create super-personalized experience for your clients — without requiring you to spend hours doing all that work yourself. It’s a fantastic tool to incorporate into your business.

Marketing strategy #2: Incorporate recovery/wellness services

Another big trend in the fitness industry is focusing on overall health and wellness and preventative care. Many clients aren’t looking for screaming instructors to “push them” or intense workout programs that are all about fast results. 

Instead, many clients — especially older ones — want to blend fitness with overall wellness. Consider incorporating some recovery services or tools into your practice or studio. 

Massage, saunas (or sauna blankets), red light therapy, cupping, foam rolling — all of these are good options. Adding these options can help your business stand out from the crowd by offering a new level of service to clients.

Marketing strategy #3: Become socially & environmentally conscious

Another way to differentiate your business is to invest in sustainability. Many clients — especially younger ones — value social responsibility and environmental friendliness. And they’re willing to pay a premium to support studios that are committed to ethical sourcing, recycling, green initiatives, and similar programs.

Improving your social and environmental friendliness isn’t just good for marketing, of course. It’s also just a good thing to do — and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Start by taking small steps — choosing eco-friendly mats, using an environmentally friendly laundry service, or adding recycling containers to your studio.

Marketing strategy #4: Support strength training

While it’s never really been unpopular, strength training is experiencing a huge resurgence right now. Many older fitness clients are using it to help them maintain bone density and improve balance and longevity. This type of training is also popular with younger clients who appreciate the aesthetic and overall wellness benefits. 

How can you incorporate strength training into your studio? And how can you evolve your messaging to reach potential clients who want to grow stronger?

It doesn’t have to be drastic — for example, you don’t need to fill your Pilates studio with free weights. Instead, focus on the strength-building benefits of Pilates. Maybe schedule a class or two specifically dedicated to building strength. And make sure your marketing incorporates language that speaks to clients who value strength training.

Marketing strategy #5: Be inclusive

Inclusivity is crucial — and it’s something that many fitness clients value. Inclusivity can incorporate many different things:

  • Making your services accessible to all ages
  • Offering modifications for different fitness levels
  • Supporting clients of all backgrounds and abilities
  • Incorporating wearable technology or making your classes available online

It might seem counterintuitive to make your boutique business more inclusive. But inclusivity is extremely important to many clients — and they’ll choose a boutique studio that they feel aligns with their values.

Marketing strategy #6: Create local connections and promote them online

Your brick-and-mortar business needs an online presence. But it’s about more than just having a website or an active social media profile. Potential clients are going to look up your website to find your connections.

How are you involved in your local community? Are you working together with other fitness or wellness businesses in your area? Are potential clients going to see that you have a partnership with people or brands they already trust?

You can boost your brand recognition and legitimacy to potential clients through collaborative programs, cross-promotion, and even participation in local events. Do what it takes to get your name out there — both in person and online.